It is true that each patient was much emaciated, so that a degree of relative hypertrophy may be said to have been present.

The colonial possessions of England in all other portions of the globe, in connection with the requirements of the navy, make an annual demand for a vast number of young surgeons, who buy are generally well supported. These accidents I have witnessed; most barbarous and cruel contrivance that tlie greatest enemy or surfrery could have devised; and it the tollowing statement of the evils resulting from its use, will dissuade one liihotomist only from employing it, Mr Key will not have written in vain. The mixture should then banking be heated in a Bohemianglass vessel until it begins to boil, when the vessel should be placed in a water-bath for an hour and a quarter. "Vaulting ambition, that o'erleaps itself, It is universally admitted that quinia cures intermittent fever, but who ever login heard of its being homoeopathic to the periodic feature of that disease"? And yet where is the homoeopath who does not, in periodic fevers, administer sugar-coated quinine granules in full doses'? Podophyllin is the favorite cathartic of the homoeopath. Finally however emaciation becomes noticeable even in these cases. This latter was something unique. The teeth become loose, the gums are ulcerated, the breath is foetid. No more cruel punishment could be devised for this unfortunate class. An abscess "advantraslime" the size of a nut occupied the left lobe of the liver. A gill mug or teacupful is equal to four fluidounces. Brissaud is disposed to think that the trouble depends not on spasm, but on functional insufficience of the adductor muscles.

Symptoms in horses are anemia, swellings of the skin and weakness of the months. A common complaint is of nausea in the early morning, or even of actual vomiting, which may recur day after day as regularly as during early pregnancy. In human medicine a disease is designated by this name, which usually occurs during the period of Iiuberty, cspciMally in girls, ami is associated with a (liiniuution of the heiiiOf,'lobin of iron. The vary in their effect upon different individuals online and the results can therefore not be compared one with the otlier. Madam de Genlis, were reported to be dead at the time of their births. This is a very common practice, but physicians are by no means agreed as to how far such stimulants are necessary, and therefore we do not consider that they should be used unless they are plainly demanded to support the flagging powers of life.

But the most substantial support of the notion that the brain is essentially ansemic during an attack of epilepsy has been afforded by the Avell-known essay of Kussmaul and Tenner. Constitutional treatment consists in the use of quinine, iron, strychnine and alcohol. Razor-grinders, who, unlike fork-grinders, grind wet and dry, live a little longer, the moisture diminishing the number of floating particles of the metal. The patient should avoid indulgence in sweet and starchy foods.


In many instances the seizures, which at first took place only during the daytime, afterwards begin to recur even in the night. Finally, the packs dissemination of information by the state or government in regard to the nature and control of tuberculosis would he of great aid in a campaign of suppression directed against this- disease. The infection always occurs during pasturing, especially easily after the appearance of the rainy season and during the high grass season when the ticks, which order are present in cattle. He says that the patches may either subside entirely, or pass into a condition of yellow softening with cavities full of serum, or undergo cicatrisation, or become converted into tough, dirty-white, indurated masses.

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