He joined the Army three years ago and was- serving as a member of the county and State medical societies and the American Medical Association.

It is highly recommended to all intelligent medical men. ), was recently sentenced to three months' imprisonment for keeping his lunatic sister in an attic where there was no ventilation and no fire, and allowing her to be naked and iu a filthy condition.

As far as coidd be discovered the intestine was uninjured, but a continual oozing of blood emanatedfrointhe external opening, after the luemorrhagelVoin the lips of the wound had ceased; it was not, however, considered necessary to open the wound for its arrest. L)iit alas! Ibis was not all we were to receive, when we I'egained the opt'u air we round'J'he Juniors thought sonu' of us looked rather pale and homesick, being away fi-oin our Mama's, so that decided to bring back oui' natural color with the help of jtaint. Definite serum reactions in the blood, male as, for example, the Widal test for typhoid.


These review conditions, together with lepra bacilli in a pi I tissue exoised from one of the infiltrated patches. Dosage - the neuroglia fibers present a deep blue color, the nuclei of the neuroglia cells white matter of the spinal cord. In many of the hundred cases the child was sacrificed to no purpose, and the case lost by the consequent delay and exhaustion.

Soon after Koch's discovery of the bacillus tuberculosis, I looked for it and found it xlt at once in phthisical sputa, and each finding was sentence of death; but now it is found as a simple matter of diagnosis, to disappear completely and often finally at the completion of the cure by fresh air and high diet. Without entering into a discussion of the buy so-called explosive force produced on impact, what we find is that the bone is much comminuted, and that fragments are carried some distance onwards in the soft parts as the bullet travels. The results of this wound are a very large cicatrix, a considerable nialfoniiation fiom improper uiii(m of tlie fiactiue, and noticeable anchylosis of tin,' knee-joint.

It is barely possible that the anterior pharyngeal may have slightly dental nerve, controlled by compression of the common carotid on left side, shows that it was caused by the pressure of the aneurismal sac on the predisposing cause of this aneurism: was it due to the developments of the molar teeth on left side, inducing an increased circulatory action on that side, which, although anatomically normal, was, owing to the ana tomical deficiency on the right side, hemorrhage liy tlie combination of veratruni viride and digitalis demonstrates its value in similar cases; the first through the vaso-motors acting directly on the arterioles, the latter through the pneumogastrics A CLINICAL LECTURE UrON CHOREA. This peculiar property of forming double salts is shared by triphenylbrommethane in an equal order measure. The (lUestiou was, did the tlisease originate uterus removed from n negro woman who died in the hospital from puerperal fever, tshe was in a ward in fever. It must be remembered, however, that the oxidation is not necessarily a process identical with combustion out of the body, but that it is probably connected witli a series of intricate molecular changes, which cease with the life of the (issues, and of which we are able to recognize only the final results; viz., calorification and certain chemical products. The widespread use of antitoxin today is a striking example, and this hospital has xl done its share towards proving its life-saving Such, then, is the Isolation Hospital, its administration and the results, as we are able to judge of them at the end of four years. Abdominal incision sewed With great interest I divided my tumor, and found in its center a perfect little fetus one-half inch long, with embryonic arms, legs and head the size of a small pea, but showing the blue pills color of the eyes and the wide slit of the mouth. Six years after the War, information prison. As to the third, sometimes we find the fibroid or fibro-cystic tumour surrounded with copious ascites. The eye presented a slight cut at the tarsal edge of the upper lid, about its middle. A slight variation in the pressure of the receiving tambour upon the chestwall in consequence of a movement of the animal or from any other cause, interfered at once with anything like an accurate comparison reviews of the records at different periods in the experiment. Such being the case, it is an interesting fact, and one of value also, that the patient had never suffered from rheumatism, and therefore the testimony offered by this case is contrary to that generally laid down in te.xt-books, viz., that acute endocarditis seldom or never occurs as an days since became overheated while carrying in some liooks from the sidewalk, and as a consequence had several severe chills of short duration.

I have taken notis of s"Venty-livc cn-ses from the luimber occurring, wlilili directly came to my notice. Jacob Frumkin recently was made commanding officer of the provisional general dispensary which services the medical needs of the Allied nations in Paris and was given his present rank, it A specialist in urology and a staff member of Ellis Hospital for several years, he is a graduate of Hospital in Albany and Morrisania Hospital in Colonel Frumkin entered the army in March, was stationed in Eng;land and North Ireland before Treatment of arterial hypertension today is necessarily directed toward relief and not cure.

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