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TREMULOUS, SlMl'LTAXEOCS, AND CHRONIC AGITATION OF VARIOUS MUSCLES, ESPECIALLY muscles;" and hence, syncloxus means necessarily their" multiplied, conjunctive, or co.mpound agitation, or tremulous motion." The diseases more complicated in form, of more extensive range, or more connected with the general state of the constitution than those of the preceding genus; and it runs parallel with the clonici unitcrsalcs of Sauvages, as far as they can be said correctly to belong to this family (and). The reader will find within the pages of this work an account of the relation of the great war to medicine harga and surgery; also a description of the newest methods in the treatment of wounds, shell shock, trench throat, gas gangrene, etc. She was passing one or two large During December following she had a good appetite and gained in weight and can strength.


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