Hemoglobin and membrane SH groups require GSH and this substance will be oxidized in the process only to order require reduction. In thrush the microscopical exaraina DISEASES OF THE DIGESTIVE SYSTEM. Very little encouragement can be gathered from the results of operative interference for perforating ulcers of the stomach. It is difficult, indeed, to lay down iron-bound rules for the proper production of anaesthesia; the personal equation in the anaestheetist and the patient plays such an important part that I am almost tempted to say, as it is said of accouchements,"each is a law unto itself." There are, however, certain principles that can be laid down, a marked deviation from which is certainly to be deprecated, if not condemned. And representation to forte third parties. The groups were rated on four scales of the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory: A risk-taking scale, a stimulus-seeking scale, nine specially constructed items, and a The frequent users of marijuana rated high on the stimulus-seeking measure as pickup well as on the MMPI psychopathic deviation scale. Having watched the patient for a miniile or so, the bottle containing the chloroform is removed from the vest pocket, where it has been conveniently placed, and the dropping of the anaesthetic begun.

Broken bones are known as fractures and are very common injuries. Belt and pad were applied with thorough and prompt relief. .About two years ago, T saw two cases of pulmonary carcinoma in which the presence of small glands in the fourth and fifth intercostal spaces in the axillary line gave important diagnostic information. During an epidemic, indiriduals who mnst remain in the locality should avoid the regions in which the disease prevails most; they should live temperately, avoiding all Mctsses, and should be careful not to get overheated, either in the sun or bjeiercise. We are truly glad to see the Western States coming to the front in medical matters. Crosthwait of reviews Jackson announce the Louis A. Russell, Levers, Leeper, Jolley and Betts be read by title and It was moved, seconded and after some discussion carried, It was moved, seconded and carried that the Program and Printing Committee (president, secretary and treasurer) are hereby instructed to make the most favorable arrangements for the publication of the transactions of the society. Of Laboratory Methods of the United States Army, but has been entirely rewritten to meet the different objective. The procedure is so rational in its conception, so practical in its results, and withal so easy of execution, that it seems strange it should not have been conceived of before. The abscef vary in size from a walnut to an orange, and have ragged and irref walls, and purulent, sometimes necrotic, contents. After a study in the post-mortem room of my own and others' mistakes, I think that the ordinary lobar pneumonia of adults is rarely overlooked. We know that if our patients curb do not have adequate prepayment coverage they will look to the Government for help. Rosenbloom, Gary (Lake) "xymogen" Joseph F. This new process is that of buy Angers and Flaudin with the addition of sulphate of magnesia.


Subconjunctival injections of normal salt solution may benefit also. It has been detected in the fluid of monkeys three or four days after an intracerebral inoculation and at a period, therefore, before the onset of the paralysis and during the incubation the virus may not be present in the fluid at an I'lill OF CI RRENT LITERATURE. About this time he became somnambulistic, and walked almost every night; when he did not walk he would shout and raise a rumpus generally. Boracic acid ointment may be used instead of the vaseline and camphor. Doubt, of the direct extension of the Inflammation along the auditory curbside nerve. At other times the albuminuria diminishes more -slowly. When an infection involved both the ducts and the gallbladder, the mechanical interferfrom the -welling of the mucosa and the increased viscosity of the bile from the added mucus resulted in a decided hindrance, if not a positive obstruction, to the escape of bile into the intestine. The patient haa periiaps been subject to naso- pharyngeal catarrh, and has been liable to take cold readily; then a bronchial cough develops, which proves intractable.

In some cases, however, the purulent discharge is so profuse that it is necessary to syringe the ear frequently for a few days, until the discharge materially lessens, before the dry method of treatment can be instituted.

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