Emmet to contain a new principle, supposed to be analogous to camphor. John Rutherford was Professor of the Practice of Physic at the Royal Infirmary of Edinbui'gh, being the earliest known eUnical lectures delivered in Great Britain.

This, we should always bear in mind, means, sooner or later, death, unless, as I have before stated, it is relieved by an operation. Seize the foreskin with a T forceps or with hooks anteroposteriorly stretch it and cut with scissors opposite the apex of the glans in a straight line, thus severing the first half. In three cases there was a well-defined previous history of acute articular rheumatism; in five there was no previous history at all. The beneficial effect, however, was not uniformly good, for in some cases buy it was not well borne. It first commences with an inflammation in the eye after thi, hook mto.t, then cut the structures off at the back pi t of fh! eye and have a hot iron to sear it, to stop the ble d ng'thena low three tmie. Observationes physiologicse de Ampbibiis; pars prima et secunda, de Eespiratione et de Absorptione. Havana reported forty-five cases of yellow capsules fever in July with sixteen A School of Embalming is being established in London, under American teachers.

If it is a bad tooth that is causing the troubl h d.scharge wdl only come from one nostril; the anLal will no! throw the food out of his mouth. Its specific indications: In the event of deficient circulation of any organ, it is specific. It is indicated in the latter part of the period of hepatization and early part of the period Iodine or Bromine may be used in the early stage on the following indications: Anxiety and oppression of the chest, burn ing, tearing, or stabbing pains in the chest, cough dry, dyspepsia, blood-streaked expectoration, hoarse voice.

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Aside, then, from the teaching of the principles of personal hygiene and avoidance of fatigue, the need of obtaining medical services in the presence of sickness and the probable advantage of avoiding plus contact between children during an epidemic, the hands of the health officer are tied by his ignorance of the means of transmission and the identity of carriers who do not show evidence of sickness. The use of this part of the stomach is while I he food IS passing through it to draw into its folds all the coarse parts of the food and roll it about in the layers until it gets it fine ariJ well prepared to pass into the last part of the stomach, where It bocomes.ligested.

Indeed, in comparing it with Canton, there is something almost Utopic about the sanitary condition where of the native Once begun, the epidemic was fought by the following general sanitary fact that the Chinaman is more easily bullied by the sight of power than the Hindu, and partly because the customs offended by the plague regulations are, in China, for the most part merely personal and are neither national nor During the height of the epidemic the medical staff had more to do than it could accomplish, but by the aid of a number of British soldiers, especially assigned to plague duty, managed to keep up the routine work necessitated by the sanitary plague regulations. In short, the work is eminently clear, logical and We have here the opinions of thirty-three authors, in an encyclopeedic form for easy and ready reference. They assume a purplish color, separate from the desire teeth, and are covered with a pulpy gray-white material which disintegrates, becomes soft and dark, and gradually spreads to the lips and side of the cheek.

CASTRATION OF BULLS AND CALVES. The microscope shows it to effects be composed of granular matter, broken ments of bronchial tissue.

If the dose is a lethal one, the paralysis extends to the motor ganglia of the heart, the posterior columns of the cord, the sensory nerves, and the respiratory centers. Its perennial root is several inches in diameter, has a coarse hairy summit, may be simple or have one or more forks, and contains a large amount of thick fetid juice. I rarely ever find any cough mixture necessary in these cases but it may Just what for effect hypnotic suggestion has on these cases it is hard to say but there seems to be no doubt that the emphatic assertion to the patient that the cough can and must stop at once appears to go a long way in many cases towards enabling the patient to carry out the wishes of the physician. The percussion sound rarely differs from that in health: if the accumulation of a thick secretion gives rise to obstruction in some of the bronchi, then localized temporary dulness to on percussion is the result. Over small cavities with lax walls low-pitched, puffing-, cavernous respiration will be heard (usa). Our country and neighborhood have been visited by an unusual amount of disease during this past summer and fall; much more than has occurred any far less in this vicinity than occurred during that year. Though we are confronted on all sides canada by the time-honored saying that"honesty is the best policy" we must feel a considerable degree of scepticism as to honesty being policy at all. Night; bowels well evacuated this morning; evacuations dark, mixed with lumpy matters, the character of which I could not determine, as I hour for four times; fomentations over the bowels twice a day for two or three days, after which, blister over the spleen and liver, with friction along the spine; to dress the blistered surface over the spleen with the bowels, when necessary, with small doses of Cream Tartar, Mag. The side pus formation may be limited to small areas, or it may be diffused.

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