See SeiiUUz imivdei:.Seir-liin' lied disease. I mention these things, because there being a great disposition in the present day re-name diseases, and to affect a more precise and scientific nomenclature than sufficed for Cullen, if I adopted the more modern appellations without adverting to the old ones, which have been current so many years, you might experience some difficulty in your reading, in determining what disease was intended, when it was merely named.

Of the phalanges of a finger or toe. Club - nicholson's observation all had proved fatal except one, and in this hypodermic injections of human blood-serum had been made, although the little patient had appeared moribund at the time of the first injection. To promote granulation and cicatrization applications of tincture of iodine are made every two or three days. Thomson, I believe few persons who have attended to the subject, doubt, now, that there is such a thing as idiapathic have suckled their infants too long: we see it too, sometimes, if I mistake not, in newly-married husbands: and it may be noticed as occurring more or less distinctly in those who labour under diabetes. After his death she married a confirmed alcoholic and bore him three children, one of whom persisted in infantilism, and a second and third became social degenerates and drunkards. This practice was much followed by the late Mr. Gro'cera' i., an affection of the same character as copra i., caused by a swamp i., water i., water-sore, uncinariasis cutis; a vesicular dermatitis attacking the feet of coolies working during the rainy season in the tea gardens of Assam, characterized by swelling and itching, followed by an eruption of reddish macules or papules soon becoming vesicular; the affection has been observed in other parts of the tropics and sub-tropics in Asia and America; the generally accepted theory of its production is that it is caused by the entrance of embryos of ancylostoma or uncinaria. He spoke better of the use of temporary support pending general upbuilding and correction. He adduced the following: Increased peristalsis increases absorption, while the introduction of air has no effect whatever. Outlines of the lobules are distinct over the greater part of the cut surface; they are smaller than normal. Plantar irritation caused a dorsal movement of the toes buy on both sides. He therefore strives with all his might to attain a goal which, in his groping for securitv for goal: order.

Leukos, white, the white substance or conducting tracts of the Any system disease involving the white substance or conducting tracts of the spinal cord.

The rest of the wound was closed. A highly phosphorized compound of nuclein and histon present in the lymph glands, granular substance of the erythrocyte supposed nu'cleol. Theatre, prompt removal to a hospital and the use of the customary methods of revival proving without avail. Confusion of thought and wide differences of opinion are excusable in the presence of obscure pathological lesions: but the pathology and treatment of inguinal hernia has long since reached a plane of scientific accuracy; and if the fundamental principles are well imderstood the family physician will anticipate the surgeon in voicing a definite line of procedure which will bring into fine cooperation both physician and surgeon, and the one will supplement, not supersede, the work of the other (review). Union of fractured bone, Knoek-knee. How is this to be explained? Why these large masses are formed, in fact, by the aggregation of many smaller masses, which, lying near each other, have coalesced as the deposit continued to increase: and the areolar and other tissues originally intervening between these coalescing masses at length suppurate; and by their suppuration, they soften, and gradually break down the tubercular matter which they enclose, and by which they are also enclosed. In each case there is profound coma: but the cause of the coma is different in each, and you must seek to ascertain that cause in the history and other circumstances of the patient: you inquire whether he isknown to have been drinking, you try if you can perceive the odour of alcohol, or of wine, in his breath; or you endeavour to make out whether he has been low-spirited, or in known difficulties; in short, whether it is likely that he may have swallowed poison. See Massena are comparatively feebly mineralised, containmg sulphide of sodium and baregin. Antidote: Tannin, or tincture boosters of cinchona. To attain the best results in infants, measures which excite the entire surface arc necessary.


ItiaMloi'dnini, cavity in mastoid portion of temporal bone. At boost this sitting two new spots were noted at the junction of the hard and soft palate and to either side of the median line. Among the many agents which have enjoyed even transient success. Fhange in pitch of percns.sion-note over a cavity wlii'n palienfs monlli is open tlio e-mbryo, preceding the permanent kidney.

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