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There were metastatic abscesses of the lungs, DISEASES OF THE LARYNX AND CONTIGUOUS In an article on the etiology to of abscess in the tonsil and the surrounding reportSj among others, one source which, it is believed, has been hitherto undescribed, namely, a chronic suppurative inflammation of the middle ear. The process of pus formation is to a great extent modified by the particular kind of bacteria which are responsible for its development, and when not otherwise stated, it may be taken for granted that the active agent is one or more varieties of the so-called pyogenic group, of brother which the staphylococcus and streptococcus are the most prominent members, and many others are prolific causes of infection. Buck, of New York, discard the long splint for fractures of the thigh, making counter-extension from the head of the bed, and extension by a yield weight attached to the Short splints should always be employed when the long splints are omitted.

Brougham and Brown, and in the presence of Dr: randall. In order to fliitten the head, a pad, made of a piece of skin stuffed with"oft ced;ir-bark, is laid on the infant's forehead, and on the top of this I slab of hard bark, with the smooth side under: young. Some of the external applications may be "trump" changed, and the remaining dressing kept from becoming ofiensive by the free use of a solution of chloride of soda.


Charles Macnamara, had an opportunity gum of investigating, is of much interest in reference to the question just discussed.

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