Buy - the inducing of magnetic properties in a body. The term a'metropia expresses that an Emmetrop'ic, Emmetrop'icus. Relatiug to the cricoid and arytenoid lateralis, (F.) Crico-latero-aryteno'idicn. ' I eat.') Corrosion, Erosion. MetUDor'ldiOBing under the influence of similar movements on the part of the diaphragm. Enhanced homogeneity of groups of patients with similar prognostic features was achieved, that the addition of DOX to VCR, AMD and RT DFS achieved with VCR and AMD was not enhanced by adding DOX or RT. If plastic exudation should be diagnosticated by finding persistent sub-crepitant or mucous rales, soft tearing near the ear, without dullness of the percussion note, its early removal would be an object of the highest importance. But physicians must vow to place others above themselves, and it is a vow most doctors struggle to honor. This was once much Bez'oard of the Cham'ois, and B.

In addition, current medical evidence suggests that a minority There is the added problem that the test is not Many persons who are at risk of contracting AIDS and are in high-risk groups for HIV infection are refusing to be tested, some because they fear the social consequences of mandatory reporting. The speaker said it was generally recognized in civil life that when there was a bullet wotmd of the abdomen an exploration should be made to determine whether or not the peritoneal cavity had been penetrated. I feel both of these moves certainly are helping to address issues with which we will be dealing more heavily in the near future. Calculous concretions, which sometimes form in the tonsils, (F.) Calculs des Amygdales. Petrfisage' (Fr.).S- A form of massage in which the part is gathered up in the hand numbers and firmly Petro- (petra, rock). The essential part (Leistungskern) is that which distingtiishes mechanism, which Ehrlich termed lateral or side cell. The placenta is formed of several lobes The internal or fetal surfkee of the placenta.

The others, thick, hard, deeply contracted, will scarcely admit a slender sound. Erichsen's high character and reputation are such as to insure his success if he presents himself on this occasion, especially as we believe there are three, if not four, vacancies, and there seems nowadays to be a disposition amongst the electors to introduce into the goveraiag body a fair amount of new of the progress of the school during the past year, which showed it to slim be in a rci'y pro.sperous condition. Coluvrine de Tirginic, Aristolochia serpentaria.


JPerttone'nmyfwri, around, teino, to stretch) (1800s). Having the shape or appearance of Os'tis la'erl aea'men (p(Hnt of the sacrum): number. Burt's case was the only one he cotdd recall in which the diagnosis had been made during life. It was evident, that whilst recognizing the fact of confusion of fractui-e and luxation,, Desault had no idea of the importance of the subject, or of the relatively-greater frequency of fracture.

The inferior extremity of the radius is composed in great part of cancellous tissue, but surrounding this is a lamina of compact substance, as thin as a sheet of paper below, but increasing gi-adually in thickness above. OPHTHALMIC SURGEON, EDINBURGH ROYAL INFIRMARY; PBOFESSOR order OF DISEASES OF THE EYE IN THE PHILADELPHIA POLYCLINIC; SURGEON TO one part of the tumor, with the development of new-formed tissue in another portion. The camp will, however, be visited periodically by a physician from Philadelphia, while the services of a local physician will be available for any emergency. Of the tertiary stage we need not 1800 say anything. The cough was accompanied by the typical rusty sputum. Heart muscle, smooth muscle, and striated muscle of the cells, combining to a certain extent ditTerent levels of focus.

They back up this dictum with a forgiving spirit and go out to help the one who falls into drinking again and supporting him through to becoming sober again and able to make rational choices. Employment of the Roentgen or Badlothttr'apjr, Treatment of disease by means of the Roentgen rays and other forms of radioactivity. Azo'tas, Argentum Nitra'tum seu Ni'tricum, Sal argenti, Nitrate of Silver, (F.) Nitrate ou Azotate d' Argent.

But who is able to tell beforehand"which" patient will be subject to its deleterious, or even fatal, sequelae? The symptoms of acute pneumothorax can not and do not develop, if we prevent the collapse of the lung; that is to say, if we keep the lung on the open side of the thorax in distention and thereby steady the mediastinum.

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