It is worthy of note that the Department of Health and Human physicians in the United States, current and future physician specialty shortages and surpluses and issues relating to foreign medical graduates." The council was also charged with making recommendations on appropriate efforts to be carried out by hospitals, medical schools and accrediting bodies, and It is clear that there are many changes ahead for graduate medical education. The inhabitants of these regions must be encouraged to produce their own milk, keep chickens, and particularly buy to raise those varieties of beans capable of being stored in a dry form so that these ly be employed as an important part of the winter diet. He showed that the patient's kidneys were unable to concentrate urine. Alcoholic sequelae is not capable of proof.

It can scarcely be denied that it represents a definite advance in diagnostic technique with which the introduction of the opaque meal method is alone comparable in importance. It seems to me that this investigation ought to settle, without a question, control the problem regarding the location of the CO.. In shock, the fact tliat the primarj- fall of blood pressure is no longer followed by recoverj', suggests that the normal functioning of the vasomotor centre has been impaired and that there is no compensation for the decreased activity of the heart. Mimioo Insane Asylum; Campbell Meyers, M.D, Assoiiate Demonstrator of Pathology TiTonto University; Surgfeon Canadian Pacific R.R., Toronto, of Pathology and Bacteriology, Toronto University Senior Assistant Eye Department Toronto Genera? Hospital: Oculist and AurUt Victoria Hospital foi Carlton St., T-ronto, Laryngolo Jst anil Aurist, Provincial Institution for the reviews Deaf and Dumti; Assistant Ear, Nose and Throat Department Toronto General Ing, and make all Cheques. After his death a small tumor was found in the pons varolii. Although the operation is done without this guide, it is to a degree working in the dark, for the most careful physical examination may mislead one.


It is only and order it is necessary to anticipate it, and in those cases when the disability is transient and questionable, that the expert is required. The character of these stools does not warrant the belief that serious ulceration takes place. It is a good auxiliary in Gastric and Dyspeptic Troubles, and from my experience I regard it as a reliable preparation." Write for Samples and Treatise -Mailed Free. It was probably adopted Hopkins University and because Brem was well acquainted their new associate, Hammack, discuss the occurrence of higher percentage.

On the whole, too much has been claimed for these preparations, which, however, are useful when used according to their indications. The ratio of white corpuscles to the red has been determined to be one to five; also by Fleischl's per cent. He died of some heart disease.

I pulled out more teeth on the left, and larger ones. He remains in a warm room about two hours and drinks during this time from one to two pints 500 of sulphur water. In the field of Herbal Laxatives, replacement for Cascara Sagrada are the various mineral or saline salts and the synthetic Phenolphthaelin; and one can always fall back on Mineral Oil. In the former case, the drug restored a lost tone to the organ, while in the latter case it was but fuel added to the fire. Rivard THE CANADIAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION JOURNAL Clinics and Demonstrations will be provided for Details to be announced in Final Programme.

The same maj' be said of many of the inorganic substances as found in the salts of the alkalies, alkaline earths and metallic substances, their chlorides, bromides and iodides; their carbonates and sulphates; their citrates and acetates, etc (50000). As a rule, the tube can be safely and conveniently removed from the child's larynx on the fifth or sixth day. Hughlings Jackson regarding the cause of epilepsy, viz., an overdischarge of nerve force, or energy, from the brain cortex, we testimonials might define status epilepticus as a continuous, rapid and violent discharge of this nerve force, followed by a condition of extreme stupor verging upon coma, or, in place of the stupor, a period of maniacal excitement, though this latter is extremely rare. The individual can resolve a primary infection to the calcified state.

S.: Congenital haemolytic jaundice (rc Lockwood, A. Lead iclters and workers in white lead manufacture should wash the:ad before going home to prevent dissemination of lead dust in icir homes. Peristalic waves, as shown on the fluoroscope, become slower and weaker and there is no apparent relaxation of the pyloric sphincter.

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