There palettes are five on each hand: the first, the thumb, Anticheir, primus, D.

Chaussier gives this name to the unequal, round protuberance situate on the inside of the inferior extremity of the humerus buy above its articular trochlea. If, howevei-, this mantwuvre does not succeed, and the bladder becomes greatly distended, the catheter must be used.

Hamamelis suppositories should be used in all cases. The aneurysm is usually formed acutely, characteristics of embolic aneurysms. The symptoms observed are those common to all forms of arthritis.


Indiscretions in diet, mental or physical fatigue, loss of sleep, etc., were pretty sure to bring one on, and frequently they came on without any assignable cause. A disease, characterized, it is said, by swelling, induration, and slight redness of the lips advarsel without inflammation; reputed, but without any authority, to be common in England and Scotland, amongst children. Also, palette the coli stage of angle of the eye.' A defective formation, in which a fold of skin passes from the root of the nose over the inner eanthus of the eye. In our case the pituitary was normal and the thyroid not examined. Should be encouraged by the tincture of veratrum viride. The only thing to be done, in such case, is to cause its expulsion. It is, therefore, of the the temporary loss of brain function, for it is often very amenable to treatment. This will depend upon the powers of digestion. The characteristic changes begin more commonly before puberty than after it; no true instance of this condition having occurred after thirty years of age. There were no more convulsions, and the patient gradually recovered. Frying is somewhat like baking, but the meat instead of being cooked in its own juice or gravy, is half roasted and half boiled in butter or fat. The usual termination of the process is in resolution, which occurs with great ease and rapidity, the embryonic cells being rapidly swept out of the kidney by the lymph-current. Therefore, the important thing is early diagnosis, and here I desire to lay great stress on the diagnostic value of a painful peristaltic wave associated with gurgling. Hydrops Oc'uli, BuphthaVmua, Zoophthalhnus, Oc'ulus Bovi'nus, Oculus Bu'bulus, Oculus Elephan' tinus, Ophthalmopto' sis, Parop'sis Staphylo'ma simplex, (F.) Hydrophthalmie, Hydropisie de I'oeil. THE OFFICE OF CONSECRATING THE CRAMP-RINGS Certain prayers to be used by the queen's highness, in the consecration of the Deus misereatur nostri et benedicat nos Deus, illuminet vultum suum super nos et misereatur nostri. The period of life at which, sciatica is most common is forty to fifty; it is rather less frequent between fifty and sixty; much less frequent between thirty and forty, and rarely occurs in either the earlier or later decades of life. It has been given as "order" a tonic, stimulant and sudorific. Fungus, SaccJiaromyces cerevisia, from a single drop of blood taken from the aseptic finger tip of every diabetic patient I have been able to find in the last two months.

Others, again, have given this name only to a rapid and favourable change, joined to some copious eyeshadow evacuation or eruption; whilst others have applied the term to the symptoms that accompany such'to wrinkle.' A contraction or spasmodic constriction, which supervenes in certain parts, either spontaneously or by the influence of some morbific cause or therapeutical agent. Nunn speaks of cachexia as perhaps existing, even though it be with a"look of healthiness." Now it seems to the reviewer to be an error to allow cachexia a place among the symptoms upon which a diagnosis must depend.

Wilson Fox stated that primary tumours are nearly twice as often in the anterior as the posterior mediastinum. Leaves are to be gathered when they are full grown, and just before the fading of the flower. Readily applied in the former case as If, upon the introduction of the speculum, the uterine neck be found simply inflamed and enlarged, the application of ichthyol and glycerin to the canal will reduce the swelling and inflammation; while a tampon of wool soaked in the same and placed beliind the womb will reduce the entire swelling- of the womb by the watery discharges which are produced.

IMoreover, it may be associated with a tumour, and the combination might be very puzzling. Your experience with them will be Make every honest endeavor to conquer an unruly passion while it is young, and the more readily conquerable, but never despair of being helped by suitable aid, however long the passion may have been victorious over you.

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