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Of all the factors xxl leading to the success or failure of these new units, the selection and training of the necessary personnel has been recognized as the most difficult task. At the same time Hodgson was developing his radical operation, Konstann in Nigeria reported his results on ambulant outpatients with INH and PAS alone using neither recumbancy, casts, nor surgery of any type (socks).

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Sometimes an irresistible desire to evacuate the bowels seizes the patient as soon as his feet strike the floor on rising in the size morning; two or more serous discharges follow each other at short DISEASES OF THE DIGESTIVE SYSTEif.

Solution of cocaine knee by means of the spray as recommended by Rosenberg; but I have applied it thoroughly in strong solution with a mop made of absorbent cotton wrapped on a probe at intervals about ten minutes before the administration of chloroform, and it has been of decided benefit, the patient taking the anesthetic quietly and easily, breathing in better and keeping a better pulse. This disease, as ordinarily manifested, does not affect the mind; but, in cases of sudden inflammation of compression the base of the brain, as well as of the spinal cord and nerves.


Anybody taking the responsibility of administering anesthetics ought to be absolutely his own master, as to sleeve when, how much, etc he should give.

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