It "well" is sufBcient to say that this volume, like its predecessors, leaves very little to be desired in the complete and up-to-date discussion of the subjects to which it is devoted. He came to the conclusion that not only had no case of such transmission on the part of higher oi'ganisms been demonstrated, but that the mode of development and structure of the reproductive cells was such as to make it imin-obable that such transmission could be brought about. SAUNDERS COMPANY West Washington Square, Philadelphia Entered at the Poat-offloe at Boston as second-class matter BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL intestines promptly and glucosamine thoroughly in the large majority of cases. Sanitary problems are complicated by omnipresent insects and filth. G., Private, Royal Berkshire Regiment, elder son action or die in the war for information wliicli icill enable us to Regiment and Royal Flying Corps, who has received the Military Cross in recognition of conspicuous gallantry in attacking and destroying an enemy airship, is the second son of Professor Robert Saundby of Birmingham.

Overcrowding is only harm ful in increasing the posibility of contact. It had indeed been a dangerous admission for Regis view, that case of Yera Sussulitch. The patient was admitted under the writer s the primary operation in France.

Loss of strength and flesh occurs, but emaciation is rare. The symptoms are described under periostitis, but they are somewhat more marked as regards pain and tenderness, while greater ambulatory impotence exists.

Boggs treatment of parasitic diseases, such as tavus, sycosis, and blepharitis. The combination produced fitful sleep of two hours, the patient awakening "order" as maniacal as ever. This,.t first of course seems to be extremely improbable, but I think it is within the bounds of possibility. Msm - doing surgery should possess a copy." effect on American surgery." I.

As these salt particles are inorganic matter, like dust particles, which come within the range of microscopic vision, we may see the pertinence of these observations to the differentiation which I insist exists between the action of the tonsillar epithelial cell toward dust and bacteria in In the leucocytes the persistence of this power of differentiation shows how strongly it is engrafted on their heredity. Tuberculosis as a complication of pelvic disorders is too often overlooked, and needful constitutional and hvgienic treatment, therefore, is not instituted. ADVANCED DEPOTS chondroitin OF MEDICAL STORES. So, too, in hospitals, either buy a nurse without a diploma should be employed or one whose diploma means something. This partial relapse may be delayed or prevented by massage, exercise and appropriate support: in other words, by the care that almost always makes a result in private better than in hospital WELLES DWIGHT and HARRY H.


Nei.sser's wish to penalize sexual intercourse by persons knowing that they were infected would load, in Ivirchner's opinion, to blackmailing, the breaking up of familj' life, and to suicide.

He emphasizes the value of the methods of ocular exercise which practised before operation will add to its success and which carried out after operation materially increase its effect.

To denote this substance the Greeks used the word" pneuma,"' the fundamental meaning of which seems to have been" air in motion." The word, however, came to have other significations, such as the breath, tlie wind, the air, and things which in modern speech are called gas, vapour, steam, exhalation, or emanation. The anterior branches are sometimes less affected than the posterior, particularly in diphtheria.

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