In Kraske's operation the resulting wound should be left widely open and lightly packed with iodoform gauze, very free drainage being essential. The jointprinting cause is direct violence, as blows directly upon the fibula, and indirect violence, such as wrenches of the foot. In fact that conservative policy which is contained in these old lines still retain their potency and truth:" Be not the first by whom the new is tried; Nor yet the last to lay the old aside." In closing let me make a plea for a more tolerant spirit between the members of our profession. The time limit could not be exactly stated, as it varied in different cases. Relapses occuring at times just when immunity would be presumed the strongest, are to be explained possibly by the theory of hypersensibility.

Zutz, the Sponsored insurance administrators for for You enjoy high-field MRI accuracy Diagnostic Imaging Associates is pleased to introduce the highest strength magnet available for the millennium: GE l.S Tesla Signa MRI. The processes of nature are no less wonderful and abstruse in the lower animal organism than in the human organism, with perhaps the single exception of those pertaining to the human mind and soul; and just as great ability is required to explore and solve the mysteries of animal life and its morbid conditions as to do similar work with regard to the human race. The chief difference is one of detail.


The periods between separate attacks vary, not only in different individuals, but in the same one as well, in some cases. Chomel attributes some of the advantage to the mechanical effect which the repeated vomitings exert in disgorging the lungs. After the probe perforated the membrane it passed freely into the pharynx.

Clara Marshall, Dean of the Women's Medical College. Twenty grains of sulphate of magnesia with one minim of carbolic acid were injected in one-half an ounce of boiled water twice a day.

The iine of fracture is usually transverse: jointprints. The mother told me that the first and only case of hare-lip she had seen was in a friend's child, which had died in November last. In dorsal Pott's disease, the weakest point, the point where support may be most advantageously applied, is the lower front of the first and seventh pairs of ribs, terior arch and the upward tilting the intervening dorsal vertebrse, of the lower ribs in dorsal Potfs and the sternum; diagrammatic. The nervous symptoms appear late, without any spinal symptoms. Alcoholics in such instances act promptly and beneficially for easily understood Ergot has an indirect hypnotic effect through its contraction of the blood vessels, upon the muscles of which it acts directly.

It may be acute, subacute, or chronic, and buy arises from injury or lesions affecting the blood supply, or the abnormal relations of the bones.

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