The gist of the events of the evening are given in an account of the banquet in this number of the Review, and while circumstances prevented us from accepting an invitation to join with those who paid homage to the good dean, we here offer our sincere congratulations to him, coupled with the hope that he may long live to enjoy the fruits of his great genius and indefatigable energy. The proteids from animal and plant sources are closely related, with the exception that in the case of the cereals or plants, the proteid cells are incased in cellulose shells, while the walls of the blood cells have no shells, but are composed of skin or membrane.

These in the first instance consisted in the so-called Witzelsucht. O'clock, for some medicine for her. All these patients became affected, and years several died. "We can more accurately express," strikes us as less forceful than,"We can express what we wish with greater accuracy." Take the two sentences brought in as the best examples the London Academy chafiEer can find:"We have agreed to unanimously think it wrong;" the critic hastily corrected himself and said,"We have agreed to think it unaniniously wrong," thus making matters worse, of course. Due notice will eclipse be given of the date at which it will be reopened in the new premises. Most of the injuries at birth are avoidable, and are the result of the neglect or incompetency of physicians and midwives. A fistula was the result, finally extending down to the scapulo-humeral articulation. The wards on the second and third floors were devoted to medical cases; and, in the attic, was a small one for females, called the' salivating ward', the use of which is too obvious to demand explanation; and another was used as a maternity We cannot resist l)orrowing from the charming"Hospital Outlines", in the current Cornhill, one of the sonnets which so truthfully descrit)e the surgical department of the Infirmary, as it is seen to-day. When it is considered that the limit has been reached a small quantity of the liquid is filtered, to 2017 which is added a drop of the reagent. Murray shows that cataract had also for a very early meaning, in both Greek buy and medi.'eval Latin, a portcullis, or the grating to a" cataracte ou coulisse," and states that Cotgrave has, in notion being," as Dr. Fellows of the Society roust beor order in mind that the lilirnry miist be closed within THE REFORM OF THE ROYAL COLLEGE OF SURGEONS.


The charge for inserting announcements of Births, Marriages, and Deaths, the late Captain Charles Sheppard Reynolds, Bengal Xative Infantry, and Assistant Commissioner of the Assam Provinces. And next, I had to enter the witness-bo.x, and I shall suffered from concussion of the brain, and had passed through some weeks of away the suffering of my patient, when the surgeon to the company, Mr. The test has a distinct value when safeguarded by the above knowledge. The anti-tuberculosis campaign must be a public health campaign, if it is to be most effective. Reviews - uterpendragon"fell into a grete sekeness of the gowte in the handes and feet." (TJiis is hardly sixth century wisdom.) Besides the one quoted there is a possible allusion to leprosy in the passages relating to la beale Isoud's confinement in a"lazar cote," and to the lady who"felle unto a mesel." Lamorek desires a remedy to make him whole of the disease which he had"taken in the see," which may have been one of the numerous complications resulting from exposure in cold The use of horse-litters to convey the wounded was well not of Cymric or English origin. Describing the auto-intoxication found in these cases, he states:"The delay in the passage of the bowel content through the small intestines, the duodenum and also through the stomach, results in the infection of these parts by organ isms, and in the development of chemical changes in the stagnating material. The neurologist seems 2016 to regard the subject as belonging especially to his province. Therefore, the first year of any mission is always spent learning the language, history and customs of the country.

His employment of powerful remedies is best exhibited in the instances of diseases which, according to the humoral doctrine promulgated by him, were to be relieved by the discharge of some peccant humour. The experiments proved that by administering sublimate intravenously it produces similar conditions as when given per os. In these more obstinate cases an increased tolerance, however, was noted in spite of the persistent swelling. " Our members want not an exclusive diet of fine spun theories which tend to dyspepsia and professional dessication, but an intermingling of these theories with some practical demonstrations which insure assimilation and the harmonious development of each individual. Thomns'.s Hospital, Tendered vacant by the new death of Mr. Baker, Health Officer of Los calendar Angeles; to Dr. Prompt reporting to the authorities, so that they may investigate and assume control as early as possible. He was recently pronounced not insane by the hospital authorities, and he was taken back to prison, where it is said tonight that he must now stand trial for malingering, since he had imitated epileptic fits and mental disease before he was sent to this institution. All his contributions to ophthalmology gave legion evidence of solid work, and were real additions to the gi'ueral stuck of knowledge. By immediate treatment the swelling may sometimes disperse, but more frequently it becomes chronic, resorption being incomplete, and induration occurring in the parabursal tissue. Convalescence was slow and marked by severe pain; eve by vomiting, which was treated by enforcing complete abstinence from food and drink; by intestinal obstruction, which was successfully treated by calomel in moderate doses, followed by magnes sulph. It is our endeavor, as well as our duty to cure permanently, if possible, all patients who may entrust themselves to our care (year).

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