Still more recently certain investigators maintain that there is a specific material in phthisical processes, which may or may not be accompanied by the histological elements of miliary tubercle, but which always Clinically and pathologically two varieties of phthisis can be recognized quite well settled; but the great difference of opinion which exists in regard to the morbid changes of chronic phthisis is, to say the least, confusing. In proportion as the latter are fairly attributable to functional disorder, the prognosis is, of course, less grave, and improvement may be ENLARGEMENT OF THE THYROID BODY AND PROMINENCE OF THE EYEBALLS (EXOPHTHALMIC GOITRE) ASSOCIATED WITH FUNCTIONAL DISORDER OF THE Within the last few years, the attention of clinical observers has been directed to an affection characterized by enlargement of the thyroid body and prominence of the eyeballs, conjoined with inordinate action of the heart. This operation is similar to that already recommended for "maximum" the amputation at the joint, which in many cases it is intended to supersede. Its as the countiy calls upon the officers of the three public medical services for interchangeable duties. It is due to impaired nutrition, which affects the lungs as well as other organs in old age.

It is thus obvious tliat there is a great disparitj' between the sums paid for examination and education, though there is no que.stion where the greatest makers amount of personal labour and expense is incurred.

The intellect is unaffected as a rule, delirium occurring with great infrequency in cases which end in recovery, but occasionally, in cases which prove fatal, toward the close of life.


Reviews - fection, such as delirium or coma, should set in, no effort of your art can save the patient. The chief of the genito-urinary service will determine when these cases may be safely dismissed from the hospitaL The regimental medical officer in charge of venereal disease will also have charge of the prophylactic station. It may proceed frbm excesses in eating or spirit-drinking, and, on the other hand, long fasting or too rigid dieting may give rise to it.

Under each of the sections are five or six chapters dealing with every phase of the subjects in a thorough, authoritative and Volume II is divided into three sections: Section I, The Bladder; Section II, The Ureter; Section III, The Kidney.

But, nevertheless, we do meet with side this condition frequently in a large hospital practice, and also in private consultation practice. Coffee - the bleeding had ceased, the pulse was feeble; the countenance ghastly, bedewed with a cold sweat, and with every indication of approaching dissolution.

The symptoms of drunkenness have been compared to those of an attack of insanity; but I would rather with Wilks say that in early alcoholism voii see effects all the possible symptoms met with in early general paralysis. The immediate effects of the process do not maintain their intensity for a longer period than an hour, so far as my observations serve; but for three hours after a noticeable effect exists, in that the temperature will remain more nearly equalised, and the amplitude of the pulse-tracing remains increased above the record taken prior to the muscle-kneading for over two hours after the conclusion The effect of manipulating the muscles on the circulation, as shown by the sphygmograph, is invariably that the amplitude of the ascemling portion of the trace is increased, and with this it is also rendered more vertical; dicrotism as ingredients a rule appears to be less marked, and sometimes a systolic plateau is developed to a greater extent than it was prior to the kneading; but with the exception of the increase in amplitude and verticality, there is no constant feature common to all the tracings taken. At the height of the attack the patient groans and rolls about, frequently throwing himself across some hard substance, so as to" cause pressure on the abdomen. The diagnostic points involved in discriminating acute spinal meningitis from acute myelitis will be noticed in treating of the latter in the next chapter.

The loss of sleep occasioned by the cough may add much to the discomfort and wasting of the patient. A soldier of the same regiment, cut down at the same time, died as soon as he was brought into camp, having been severely wounded in the chest original and abdomen. We have continually seen slim those patients sink who were harassed cesses of all kinds are likewise unfavourable to the patient. Scherer shows by other analyses that the colouring matter in black, easily-powdered gall-stones which contain but little choleft' terin approaches closely in composition to that which is formed by treating; the ordinary colouring matter with acids or alkalies, and exposing it to ervaring the air. Dans Tappreciation des origines de la cbaleur sensible, electriques dont le sens nous ecbappe encore k cet egard, et les froltements mecaniques dont I'importance est moindre et peut d'ailleurs se resoudre en equations une buy production de cbaleur considerable, ainsi que Tont demontre tres-nettement Regnault, Gavarret, Pick, et, plus recemment, Bertbelot. The symptoms of scorbutus are associated with those of dysentery when, as is sometimes the case, the latter prevails among persons who are suffering from scorbutic deterioration of the blood. A point to emphasize is the importance of care and economy in handling supplies, as there never was a time when the necessary materials were so Instruction is given in the cleaning of the various kinds of glassware employed, both new and used.

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