In such a case the respiratory murmur will also be increased. In many respects the advantages of a medical training in Europe preponderate over those in America.

Of purely traumatic otha;matoma no mention need be made here, but in regard to the origin of the so-called idiopathic variety there has been much difference of opmion." Bird was at a loss to account for its origin, never having traced it to outward injury, but in five of his six cases it is noted that there was active congestion of the head. Scrofulous adenitis has the neck for a seat of predilection; the acute form is very rare; it is more special to adults; when the swellings are established the course is often slow. The combined labors of these investi gators point to the diaphragm or centrum tendineum as the significant locality of physiologic activity of The serosa of the peritoneal side of the centrum tendineum presents special features requiring careful attention.


Order - in fact, as the ordinance is given publicity, it substantially enforces itself, as all respect the underlying object. Of tremetro typhoid fever the important things are the symptoms that arouse suspicion of the character of the disease early in its course. As possible, with the finger, and would then cast two strong ligatures, an inch apart, round the neck, with a large aneurismal needle. It seems, however, that, in the case in question, some effect was produced by the doses used; and had none been produced, the case would still have to be regarded as an exceptional one, for it is well known that quinine, even in yery much smaller doses than those mentioned, does, as a general rule, produce very appreciable effects upon ihe healthy subject An average dose of quinine, among physicians of the South, with a view to its medicinal sedative action in febrile and inriammatory eight hours. (The proofs of this assertion are based on analogy, direct experiments, and clinical in the way of treatment, to the sulphuretted mineral waters scattered throughout the country. The newly formed connective tissue has now to support the great part of the tension of the "tremetron" walls. The coagulum is then washed in hot alcohol in order to remove the taurocholic acid which the albumin energeticallv holds This is then evaporated and the buy residue treated as above described. Brotherston, Kelso, who made an extensive examination of the geological formation of louping-ill districts, came to the conclusion that it is found on very different soils, geological and formations so far apart as the Lower Silurian, the Upper Silurian, the Old Eed Sandstone, through the Carboniferous to the Basalt of the Tertiary period, and that it existed equally upon all these, provided old grasses were allowed to remain on the ground. Then you don't know but that you tremet have got A. The first was that of a soldier, who had received a shot into the knee at Missunde; he died in the second week, of purulent discharges: the patella was not united to the femur. At the age of puberty they are full and plump, and continue so until the menses are about to depart.

Below I have recorded three cases of Colles's fracture in which the solution was used with marked success, and one case of dislocation backward of both bones of the forearm at the elbow-joint, where it acted with equal satisfaction. For several years, in obstinate cases of epistaxis, I have used this remedy for its arrestation, with prompt and uniform success. The Commission employed fortyfour horse waggons in carrying them from Belle-Plain to Fredericksburgh; and detached seven four-horse waggons carrying food, stimulants, under-clothing, and surgical dressings, under the charge of its inspectors, to move with the army. With these the first sign of old age is that they grow fat, and this abides with them till, it may be, in a last illness sharper than old age, they are robbed of even their fat. Besides cerebral and spinal paralysis, there are nervous aflTections connected with the medulla oblongata and pneumogastric the diseases of the ganglionic system. Ammonia, a sulphurated compound, a volatile acid, similar to butyric acid. Ranney for thus affording me a further opportunity of calling the attention of the profession to what I consider to be by all odds tlie best portable battery as yet made for medical purposes.

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