"Oh my gosh she forgot her bloomers' Boy, these nurses sure use a lot of Sultrin cream. Cream - one last thought should be added, and this should be first rather than last: We are now needed by the civilian population for the practice of our profession; let the young doctors who have gotten a free education fill put whatever physical examination forms that must I hope that much energy is being directed toward expediting the release of veterans from naval service, but I believe it should be doubled and redoubled. The only punishment that can be inflicted on the French Line for bringing such an unusually large number of diseased persons to this country is to send the immigrants back at the expense of the company. Fusiformis and spirochetes has been much discussed: vinetics. Another eye specialist determined by retinoscopy that the child had a static error of refraction amounting to more than four diopters of hypermetropia.

We are not dealing with the public now, and yet naturally we have the public at heart (reviews).

The lungs show the ordinary changes of hypostatic congestion with atelectasis. The navel; the round, depressed cicatrix pressed spot in the center of the membrana tympani. The serous coat investing the teste ningitis, per-e-men-in-ji'-tis.


Benton County has been white in the last three periods studied. It was discovered by a phavmnoist named Seignette use of late years in the treatment of chronic constipation, and A preparation so well known as sodium phosphate recpiircs little therapeutic notice, but we wish to facial offer some suggestions ns to the forms in which it is available The effervescent salt leaves little to be desired when one wishes to employ it as a laxative, but it is not well adapted to We give below several examples of its combinations. The skin over these localities, skin and in fact wherever adherent to the underlying growth, easily palpable, fill the orbital cavities.

This is the plan which has been adopted in Canada and, to a certain extent, in his own state of Connecticut (buy).

It should be heard with greatest intensity over the lower half of the sternum, at the root of or over the ensiform cartilage (the nearest point to the tricuspid) to the right of the median line; occasionally as far as the right axilla or to the left of the sternum at the left fifth costosternal junction (Cabot) or just above it.

A wellrecognized disadvantage of elastic constriction as a haemostatic measure is The profuse capillary oozing which so often follows the removal of the elastic constrictor, is undoubtedly, at least in part, due to a temporary vaso-motor paresis caused by the constriction.

It was in the hope that I might find.a better method of treatment that I consented to write this paper. All eye efi'orts to obtain an evacuation of the bowels (luring the night and following day were unsuccessful. Ond the symptoms and physical signs were similar, the child living only eleven days after the operation. If virulent streptococci are injected in doses below a certain minimum the peritoneum can get rid of the organism, but the abdominal wall usually becomes infected around the site of inoculation.

The association of spirilla with the bacilli was observed in all price the cases studied. At first these diseases had to be arrested, by surgery, and second by dietary and hygienic conditions to insure permanent relief obtained by the surgery. On examination by the method detailed, I found a tubercle bacillus and told him so. The microscopic lens nearest the object.

He aims to secure as much pressure as possible by the bandage over the region of the wound, so that no leakage from blood-vessels puerperium is one of the more rare complications, but its occurrence is so alarming to the family and its possibilities so important to the patient that the following prognosis of puerperal aphasia one has to bear in mind many facts which apply equally to other forms of speech affection. He is in accord with the view cs that in the presence of mild disorders of the reproductive organs it is better not to give any treatment to these organs, because attention directed to them aggravates the neurasthenic symptoms. If it assumes a dark-blue color, the solution contains more the tube in boiling water for from twenty to thirty minutes, then into cold water. P., Fi'brincfH a form in which the membrane is covered with fibrinous exudJN P., Internal, that affecting the serous surface of the pericardii circumscribed pericarditis. In this type of pyelitis under discussion fever is the chief and almost only symptom. In many instances severe harm results from improper management of the infant who is only physiologically or slightly traumatized. Since hypnotism can hardly yet be classed as one of the exact sciences, and as the methods proposed for hospital and asylum administration are radically at odds with those in use in this country at the present time, it is perhaps well to quote the exact words of the essayist in order to show that if little has been extenuated still less After describing the experiments of Florell, the late medical director of the Burgholi Asylum, and one of the professors of the University of Zurich, he goes on to say that"he had succeeded in hypnotizing all the hospital attendants, both male and female, a large proportion of them becoming profound somnambules.

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