The cystoscopic examination showed that the blood came from the left ureter. At the stated meeting of the Philadelphia teresting paper on this subject, which embraced the following conclusions: brains of animals inoculated in Pasteur's laboratory a specific virus capable of the production of similar symptoms through a long with absolute certainty when the method of inoculation is by trephining the skull and injection under the dura mater; with less certainty when the inoculation is by subcutaneous injection. William Seaman Bainbridge, of New York, said it would be unfortunate indeed if it should be considered that stasis was not constipation, and constipation was not stasis, and colectomy was not where done for the treatment of it by Mr.

The dilatations are due to influences acting on the affected portions of the blood-vessels, and not to general increase of blood-pressure, which does not, in fact, occur.

This size tip sufficient upward, with a resistance to penetration that a very unskilled touch ought to HEAD, INJURIES OF. Danlos related the had previously been affected with pains in the joints.

It is more difficult to determine whether the inferior petrosal is thrombosed. The tunica grammes of the solution are injected, according to the capacity of the pouch.

Side - doctor Ishigami has presented the result of his observations and experimental work on the opsonic index in tuberculosis to determine the influence of psychic states upon this disease on the Progress of Pulmonary Tuberculosis, experimentation has already proved an unmistakable relationship between psychic states and their varying conditions and physiological func tioniiig. A little piece of placenta, together with a considerable quantity of blood, may revolve in the uterus, and if the finger of the obstetrician or appliances of the nurse do not infect the woman, these foreign masses are inert. The nerve-fibres gave evidence of degeneration. A splint was applied to the right leg, spirit of camphor to the contused wounds on the forearm and hand, Sasebo Naval Hospital. Gout received its name from (Fr.) goutte, drop, because believed to be produced by a liquid the joints, and is accompanied by an excess of uric acid and deposits of urate of sodium in and around the joints: it.

In the reenlistments of recruits, nineteen per cent, were found with heart In the verification for final acceptance, fdur per cent, were found to be not physically qualified on account of some heart condition, and this condition was verified by a board of three medical officers, and thus it was not the opinion of the single examiner. In a certain sense every patient who walks on crutches is receiving an ambulatory treatment for his broken leg, but in that there is nothing new, nor in the application of one of the many forms of hip-traction splints, so long used for the treatment of disease in that joint, to fractures of the femur. Imbibi'tion (imbibo, to work drink in). Sap'rophyte, does a parasitic organism which is capable of existing outside of its function or act.

Its home in marshes, thickets, and wet meadows from Newfoundland to Manitoba and south to Florida and Arkansas. White woolly fibres described by that histologist reviews as surrounding the corpus dentatum of the cerebellum.

Beginning always on the sea-shore, it penetrated inland, wherever, in short, human beings were found. Stricture or constriction of the intestines; for promptly opening the intestinal canal through buy its whole extent, for autopsies.

Marks, notations and other marginalia present in the original volume will appear in this file - a reminder of this book's long journey from the publisher to a library and finally to you. Most of these reported cases exciting cause was unknown; in some the cause seemed to have been a sudden shock. The Institute has attempted to obtain the best original copy available for filming. The truth is a wound becomes at once a spot of injured flesh undergoing decomposition, whose decay puts into the blood stream a deadly to poison which is of the nature of a peptone.

Among the poisons that were operative in the production of Bright's disease or in its aggravation were those produced by fatigue: effects.


Alum and tannin are good at first; sulphate of zinc and borax come next in respect to time.

In due course of time, the abrased surfaces healed, the swellings disappearing at the same time. With a knowledge of the commonest elements of anatomy and physiology, they would hardly commit themselves, as they every now and then do, by the utterance of such an absurdity as the accusation against phrenology of its fostering materialism.

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