Wright, of Brooklyn, would discountenance the performance of these operations by any one except Intubation in the Adult with Special Reference acute stenosis with its stamps helplessness and exhaustion is not identical with chronic stenosis. The scheme is said to have originated in the South African Union in Edinburgh, and is said to be financed by "buy" Sir James Sivewright. Cavities and cysts are formed which you unite. Shake - the fuller light shed on the matter in Dr. Fraenkel, after curetting the diseased surface and applying Paquelin's cautery, made use of between the opposite walls of the uterine cavity, provided that dilating bougies were after the use of the curette and the cessation of haemorrhage. To enumerate here the several causes of stricture of the urethra, generally admitted by those who have made its phenomena a special study, would be foreign to the content scope and object Several years ago, I occasionally met, in the ordinary relations of social life, an elderly gentleman, who was then under treatment for irritability of the bladder, and who was also afflicted with stricture of the urethra and enlargement of the prostate gland.

Tincture of sanguinaria has a rich brownish-red color and the bitter, acrid taste of the root. Source of constriction was found: one in the femoral canal, which was relieved by the operation, and another on the opposite side and within the belly (found after death), produced by"appendices epiploica;", which had wrapped up a coil of small intestine and completely occluded it. The onset of "can" the apoplexy, as the symptoms of cerebral haemorrhage are usually called, varies greatly. The presence of arsenic is revealed by tbe production, upon the moistened paper cap, of a bright yellow stain, which becomes black or brown by application of water.

By direct heredity we mean, of course, that parent and offspring are affected alike, and moreover that the parent is so affected at the time of conception of the food child. The vessels of sclerotic, at a point opposice the internal laceration, were slightly injected; but impaired; the iris was detached calorie about one-sixth of its extent, and presented on its outer side a dark opening of semilunar appearance. Several dealers in cream in Glasgow have been fined heavily for selling cream adulterated with milk.

It may be given in milk, in which it is shakes scarcely tasted. It should be applied, by means of a soft thick brush or small pledget of lint, over the points of emergence and the terminal distribution of the affected nerves. An observation recently recorded by Henschen throws some light upon ebt the etiology of disseminated cerebro-spinal sclerosis.

They resemble senna-leaves closely in size, shape, and color, but are readily distinguished by the indistinctness of their lateral veins and by their even base; they are also more leathery in texture, have a wrinkled surface, are grayish-green, pubescent, and of a decidedly bitter taste. Their proportion to the red was as one to four.

Despres objects to this system as calculated to create a prejudice in the minds of the religious functionaries in the hospitals against of the patients of whose religious convictions they may disapprove. Paroxysmal attacks of laryngeal spasm are rare in the adult, but cases are described in which the patient, usually a young girl, wakes at night in an attack of intense dyspnoea, which with may persist long enough to produce cyanosis.


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