One of the most important duties of a nurse is to cultivate the habit of observing symptoms accurately and reporting them clearly The physician can only be with the patient a short time, and he must depend upon his nurse to inform him of everything that takes place in his absence; the nurse may thus obtain information of the greatest value in diagnosis and treatment. As it was a capsules legal holiday we could not get a plumber until the following morning, when it was found that there was nothing wrong with the pipes, but that some one had deliberately turned off the water. Richardson then referred to the question as to the propriety of bleeding in all cases of apoplexy, and said he was satisfied that in many instances side of what is termed pallid apoplexy, death is caused by failure of the central organ of the circulation. In cases of complete acquired ingredients deaf muteism it is not usually present. " Thank God'tis over." Few who face me now Recall this memory, let the curtain fall, Far gladder days shall know this storied hall! Though Science patient as the fruitful years. Some fatty granular corpuscles were mingled with varicose nerve tubes, with large fat corpuscles, and with a few red buy amorphous masses. In this marrow are scattered health giant cells, either isolated or united in small groups; the follicles are in very small numbers, scarcely defined, and buried in a mass of leucocytes. Nucleated "natrol" red corpuscles are the rule in all advahced cases.

He said he was given up, and the sculptor had been- ordered to take his death mask, when he review was induced to try the Roberts-Hawley Lymph Cure. There was also a bilateral narrow, light-colored zone in the periphery, continuous with, and anterior to, the direct cerebellar column. At the end of each day and when the station is closed the list will be sent at once to the division surgeon. Bardet recommends washing the feet at least once daily, following it up with frictions with alcohol.

And L.A.C, Stratford-house, Essex; Watkin Sandom Whylock, but, in consequence of an informality in his certificates, his degree uk readers, that for several years past Mr.

Paget have contributed to the" MedicoChirurgical Transactions,"(a) some interesting and valuable observations on the symmetry of diseases as an evidence of their origin in effects altered conditions of the blood. Accordingly the accredited physician with his syringes and innocuous remedies, the osteopaths and chiropractors with their Dempseyish"rough house," the psychoanalysts with their Freudian gibberish, one and all play some part in the fight against disease.


Doctor Munroe?"" O yes, sir, I'm sorry there's nothing more common; A man that goes mad for the love of a woman I sometimes can cure with a lecture, or so.""Why, thank you, sir; there spoke the man and the friend Death is the last reckoner with friend or with foe, The other, of course, you know, Doctor Munroe." ur love an' of wedlock, each loss an' each woe, Smiled, capered, an' shook hands with Doctor Munroe. He thought that in phlebitis a tentative rather than any specific treatment "joint" PA THOL GICAL SO CIE TY OF PHILADELPHIA. But after the discovery of the tubercle bacillus, the investigations of Koenig, Rosenbach, Prom these premises we can draw but one conclusion and it alone, is the active and primal cause. The Members of the Profession are respectfully invited to an inspection, and an explanation of their principle, by the Inventor, and in ferior in material, by surreptitiously copying his "amazon" drawings and explanatory official circulars. By induction, liowever, we never render a conclusion more than highly probable; we infer that the sun will rise to-morrow because observation has cetylpurent shown that it rose on the mornings of a host of preceding days; the inference in this case is in the highest degree probable, but still only probable. This fact is greatly to be regretted; it is impossible to calculate the amount of good tiiat is not done, merely through want cf the habit of writing, and the indisposition to write which a conscious want of facility in the operation engenders, lie who fills an office in any of our great establishments for the treatment of disease, ought to hold himself responsible to the public and his brethren for making the utmost of his opportunities; the physician, the surgeon, to a great hospital, is not there merely for his own special aggrandizement; he is bound to impart, by teaching and writing, what he meets with that he knows must be useful and interesting to the order profession of medicine at large.

That calculi are comparatively rarely formed, while gravel is I common, is what we should expect, because the 120 amount of gravel GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE: THE PHARMACY BILL.

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