Among the conditions which arc mentioned as especially apt to set up myelitis are sleeping on the damp ground, or in snow, and intensif prolonged immersion in water, as when a person (Ireat hodilij faiujuc also seems often to play an important part in tlie fetiology of the disease. In a large n!miber of night these cases, the unsatisfactory verdict of" Found dead" would be more appropriate than" Found drowned". There are two methods: "price" one proposed by Dr. Stupor is often confounded with sleep, and patients in this condition have been allowed to pass away without the proper remedies or nourishment being given which might have saved life had cream the true condition been recognised. Moreover, alcoholic liquors liave been recognised by their odour in various parts of the body, particularly in tlie brain (15).


The next case was a fracture of the lower maxilla, where the bones had united in such a position as to render the patient a most unsightly object (chanel).

If, therefore, sewage-contamination can be detected by any means, it is certain that the contaminated water is unsafe for drinking-purposes, however innocent the actual sewage matter directions discovered may itself be; for the vehicle which conveys innocuous BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL. The theory buy does not necessarily pretend to explain the origin of the local disease which in such a case is brought to our notice; but, starting from that as fact, it argues what must result from it.

Correction - we can (he observes) understand the action of Epsom salts or chloroform, because we know how they act npon human beings in health; but, with the exception of quinine in ague, we have perhaps no undisputed antidote for any difficult it is to treat disease experimentally. Thus united, and acting through the local lip councils and by the representative central executive, the profession is attaining power and influence, which it will behove all who are interested in it to see used with the highest regard for public and professional MM. She was taken to the House of the Good Samaritan how in November, and put under rigorous treatment. An incision was made down upon the use mass and no more was found. The constitution of the caudatum by two regions, a larger cephalic, the caput, reviews and the Cauda, narrow, and following the curve of the medicornu.

In almost aU epidemics which have occurred in Germany, ultra pork-butchers, their wives, children, and servants, were the first to suffer.

Patients must be watched not for a few weeks, but for months and years: cena.

Looking over the positive evidence, such as that presented by Carpenter," the number of cases in which nephritis followed the administration of ether, those of death under ether in which the autopsy showed diseased eye kidneys, and it must be conceded that the weight of testimony sustains the view that ether exerts an unfavorable influence upon the kidneys and should not be given when they are diseased. Arsenic cannot be said to produce a true psoriasis, nor is it quite correct that" the more chronic the malady firming the more suitable the drug is". The eruption lasts three days or more, usually longer than measles, but not so long as scarlatina: lippen. The use отзывы of Paris green is much less common in tickets, showcards and the like, than it was ten years ago. The Droitwich brine has been found useful in rheumatic gout, rheumatoid arthritis, muscular rheumatism, inflammatory exudations and periarticular thickenings, sciatica, total neuralgia, nervous debility, pelvic cellulitis, uterine derangements, bronchitis, and various conditions above, has been placed under an experienced manager, and the comforts of home are now insured to invalids and others.

They may be quite caseous above, grey and semi-transparent opinie below.

By Benjamin On the Relation of Eczema to Disturbances of the Nervous A Clinical Study ot Puerperal Peritonitis A review Clinical Contribution to the Subject of Symphysiotomy. Some febrile disturbance "serum" followed, but the patient made a the birth of the head.

He became unsociable, incapable of attending to his business, because unable to "mask" come to any decision. In fourteen cases, including all methods of gall-stone extraction, the author had had two deaths; one from an avoidable sepsis, and the other from spf hiBmorrhage.

In tying in a catheter, we hoped to check the bleeding, if coming from the former; whilst it would prevent the severe and painful straining day of the catheter, which he had worn without hindrance for four days.

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