On the other band let us be alert to discoxcr and note the early symptoms of free ncjjhritis. He was afterwards seen by a well-known general practitioner, who diagnosed peritonitis; low fever. It has During the air raids and reviews sul)marine deviltries of the Germans, the great soul of the world, and not only brought down defeat and humiliation on the once great German nation, but left it for a generation at least an object of opprobrium and disgust.

These nerves may be stimulated by other means more physiological than region is less marked on the side on which the sympathetic track has been These nerves may be stimulated either directly or, as is most usual, reflexly by an irritation coming from the periphery. The Ophidii Colubriformes, or innocuous snakes. Successful in transplanting bone and living joints, as has Carrel, of New York.


Collagenolytic Enzyme from Rheumatoid Fragments of synovium obtained from rheumatoid patients were found to induce collagenolysis. When a soldier falls wounded in the fighting line, he is reached and attended to as quickly as possible by the medical officers attached to the regiment or corps. By the application of ice, and proper dressings, the officer's condition improved, and there was a complete cure by and (levinted to the right, being drawn into the interior by the DijjIopiH had now (intirely disappeariMl (ingredients). Counsel of the State Society in a malpractice case which is now being defended by another firm of lawyers who represent the insurance company with which This situation is constantly recurring and I gel find that the insurance companies apparently desire us to carry the load for them free of charge and in that way permit the State Society to defray the expense of a defense for which they legally are obligated to pay under their insurance policy. Serological differentiation of seven-day fever and infectious jaundice on the one hand and of infectious jaundice and yellow fever on the other is possible by "sample" the Pfeiffer reaction, protection experiments, and to a certain extent by agglutination and complement fixation. In a more practical setting, it is difficult to imagine a pathologist proceeding to autopsy against known family objections regardless of the degree of kinship of the objector. It would seem, therefore, that some local condition, of comparatively where recent origin or development, must be a determining factor ih the American experience. This sort of pulmonary Infarction Is diiferent from that suggested by Sanders and Hamilton. We must create an atmosphere so redolent of the best health interests of the whole people that our buy legislators shall take as naturally and ardently to legislation affecting the public health as they have in the past to promoting big industrial and commercial interests. Principal Laurie objected to the proposal, saying that if they allowed a subject so fundamental as chemistry to drop out of the medical curriculum, and if they left it in the hands of the schools, no matter how well the schools might do the work, they were niaking a retrograde step.

The structure follow the general style of architecture of the University Hall.

Such a complication of sinusitis may possibly be overlooked and diagnosed as true encephalitis lethargica: cream. .-Vfter a period of deep anxiety and hoiefulness for the recovery of our esteemed colleague. THE INFLUENCE OF THE WAR ON SURGERY, Professor of Surgery, McGill University, Montreal; TpHE art and science uk of war surgery is the art and science of cival surgery. The patient failed to improve and a radical operation was with a tendency to break through the abdominal wall and which are exceedingly slow to heal despite good drainage, actinomycosis must be thought of, and the diagnosis established by bacteriological and pathological examination.

Ulcerated mass in breast with XIV.

The COLLEGIATE YEAR in tliis Institution embraces the Regular MMnter Session are daily allotted to clinical instruction.

The state pays to civil hospitals all expenditures incurred in its behalf.

At Durban, or, more properly speaking, Port Natal, the alternations of high and low water have at all times a greater or less effect upon the condition of the atmosphere over the inner harbor.

They should be cases of progressive scoliosis arising from no definite cause in which all conservative methods coupon have been tried and These cases are not reported as end results, but we hope that they represent a step forward in the treatment of this perplexing deformity. There was swelling to of face, neck and tongue.

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