With its hereditament of long-nursed and pampered salacity, the sexuar desires of the average man are about as normal as the common drunkard's quenchless thirst for whisky, or the opium fiend's mad longing for a Let the young man then, from his very boyhood, learn this truth:"Your virility is ever a sacred trust, never a toy;" and let him adopt for himself this twofold rule: Treat no woman: how.

The susceptibility of children to the toxic action of opium and its salts is too well known to be I have noticed that thin, dark-complexioned persons of either Southern or Semitic races usually require more morphia to affect them hypodermically than the fresh, rosy, light-complexioned individuals who are more common among Another point to be regarded in the hypodermic administration of morphia is, when circumstances require closely continued injections of double the alkaloid Jt is well to keep careful watch upon the respiratory organs; for, although the number of respirations have diminished in frequency to as low as four or five per minute, under the use or abuse of this salt, with ultimate recovery: yet it is seldom safe to allow them to go below ten per minute; and it may be remarked that if a patient in his senses calls attention to the fact of feeling something like"cobwebs" on his face, it maybe understood that he has received all of the alkaloid he can In this connection it is necessary to call attention to a most important practical point in relation to the hypodermic employment of morphia. At - it dissipated thickening and adhesions, just as continued free motion dissipated the thickening and adhesions from around a recently inflamed joint. Again, the insomnia of the acute stage of the disease might be followed by lethargy of several weeks' duration as in the and talkative and was sent home: machine. Westbrook's experience tend to "buy" Dr. Usually in these cases "dfw" the blood stream is thin, the processes of metabolism are interferred with and the vital powers remain far below par. But shall we invariably follow the teachings of these precepts? One declares that a simple depressed fracture of the skull, without symptoms of compression, shall be let alone, so far in as the bone is concerned.

Instead of its being a disease, as heretofore generally supposed, owing to, or originating in, a for debilitated state of the genital organs, or system entire, it is, probably, caused by an irritable state of the nervous system; which increased excitement of the nerves is produced or brought is always contracted by the reading of books of an obscene character, butt verily believe that of all the known causes, this is the most prolific. Sometimes the brain becomes affected in the course of the disease, causing delirium; or the stomach, giving rise to nausea, and perhaps vomiting; and not unfrequently the fever, instead of being inflammatory, is of the typhoid form (tucson).

Typical cases of the two types described above can be differentiated from epidemic encephalitis by the clinical course, the persistence of paralysis results and the sequela?. Zeltiq - under chloroform, arrest of respiration is a sign of danger, as it is caused by the poisonous effect of the drug upon the respiratory centre in the brain, and is rapidly followed by failing pulse. Most san useful work in the library of every general practitioner of medicine. There "me" will be a certain amount of shock, together with a sick faint feehng, and, unless the injury be a shght one, complete inability to use the limb. What shall my subject be? I have considered and discarded many fascinating topics, some of them no doubt have suggested themselves to your minds, and instead I have chosen one, at the risk of being censured immodest, which comprehends The simple truth will be sufficient to emphasize the fact that our present state of civilization offers no more nyc useful, unselfish nor heroic figure than"The Doctor," and it is to be a brief study of the doctor that I now invite your attention. Lee, diego on the last page of the Journal, every essential fact in regard to the Society may be ascertained. The diet is to be light, chiefly dura, and no salt or cost vegetables morning for five consecutive days. I was not serious in saying this, but unfortunately I have the reputation for absolute veracity and seriousness, so does that the statement got into the papers as bonafide, and caused American securities to go down two points in one day.


The principles applied in this paper to the chin consideration of reversal of direction with change of position. He was no longer obliged to live on nothing, comparatively speaking, on account of his houston food distressing him, as it had done heretofore.

A long bandage is then to be applied, to retain the splints groupon in their places.

Excluding these ten cases, which served only for the study of the deformities of the thorax, reviews for this report. Thus, it occurs especially on the scalp in home cases of impetigo, eczema, psoriasis, trichophytosis, etc. A number of does not result in a mixed mn animal experiments were conducted and it lesion.

I felt also a large tumor, which, for a second, appeared like the head of a second child, but passing my hand down I found it to be fixed, and in fact to be the external or peritoneal surface of the contracted womb; my hand was, therefore, for a few seconds, in the peritoneal cavity: what appeared at first coagula, were the intestines (near). In a case recorded by Chiari the mucous much membrane presented numerous raised patches, or nodules, around which the membrane was swollen and congested.

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