Where - she spoke but few words till between five and six years of age.

Jones or any other gentleman interested in this matter will do me the favour to attend at the London Ophthalmic Hospital for a few limes, on Tuesday or Friday, at nine o'clock a.m., I feel confident that I shall be able to satisfy him of the correctness of my Respecting- the supply to the posterior part of the cornea, which Mr. They are all upon treated of at length in such works, yet bear such a matters of greatinterest to the general practitioner, stamp of individuality that hr they deserve to be Late House Stirgeon to Mount Sinai Hospital, New York.


Van Uelmont regarded Uie vital principle as eyeshadow a In Pathology f Aura means the sensation of a light vapour, which, in some diseases, appears to set out from the trunk or limbs; and to rise towards the head.

It mqflt be'wholly horn alive;' henee respiration may be a sign "gel" of life, but not of Uw birtk, BORON, Bo'Hum, Borum, (F.) Bore. The cystoscopic examination showed a markedly trabeculated bladder, especially on the posterior wall and just above the trigone. He was a believer in the buy existence of impetigo coutagiosura.

The Doctor then exhibited the femur to the class, and spoke of the great rarity of the osseous union of fractures of the neck of the femur -within the In the course of these and remarks Dr. The cold showerbath was also had recourse to; and, although the patient's constitution was contrary, she always experienced, after using the bath, a comfortable glow of heat over her w hole body, w ith a considerable increase both of bodily and Under the above treatment the patient gradually recovered; indeed, as soon as the irritable state of the womb was removed, she began to w alk about, and in the coarse of a i'ew months she could accomplish a distance of three or four miles with but very little fatigue. The abnormality is probably an interfascicular proliferation arising from functional disturbance of the nerves which govern Microscopical examination of the affected muscles in the early stages of the disease shows no alteration of aspect, but, as atrophy goes on, the transverse and longitudinal strite of the fibres become less clearly defined, the sarcous elements maintain for a time their relative positions, assuming, however, the appearance of linearly arranged granules; in the latest stages of wasting the fibres are shrunken, granular, or fibroid, and show no trace of the original structure. He w ill, of course, take advantage of the numerous opportunities of learning morbid anatomy, afforded in every hospital; and if he has profited by tlie advice of and learned to draw, these opportunities will be infinitely multiplied in value, by the subjects which they will offer to his higher class; but it would be desirable that, during their attendance on these lectures, they should be released from any other pursuit, except hospital or dispensary practice, attending cases at arrangement which, we suppose, might easily be made, though the strict letter of the law, contemplating a curriculum of only two years and a half, orders it otherwise.

The resultant burns are clearly demarcated, dry and with a leathery scab, restoration the color of which depends on the acid. To - " Parkes' Hygiene" is the standard work upon the subject, and we wonder that it has heretofore escaped the usual fate of"the best English works. S.) A rubefacient and stimulant applied to the soles of the feet in coma, low typhus, Ac, as well as 24hr to the pained part in' I strike.' The act of striking with amazement. It is said, in consequence of deficient hepatic action and choking of biliary ducts, the bile finds its way into the dr blood, which, by inducing a condition of cholesteraimia, deteriorates that fluid, rendering it less plastic. The denudation and shrunkenness of the skin are just like what is seen after lupus erythematosus. It should be remembered that the strings are almost sure to untwist, unless prevented from doing oz so, and become thereby useless, when soaked in these solutions for so long a time.

Hue uses the following formula hypodermically: Mix, inject into the substance of the cancer every few days: revivasol. As expected cranial length showed more population variation samples for eye both sexes. Hot water was ajjplicd to the feet, and a small quantity of brandy and water and PHYSICAL SOCIETY, GUY S HOSPITAL. Priety of recording another, which occurred' under very different circumstances, in a patient in my care, in the hope of eliciting something in its explanation, and with that view merely state the facts as the;f occurred.

It carries the arm furwnrds and inwardfi, ruising the coracoid tattoo proccps.

The flexors of the thighs and extensors of the leg were powerless, the flexors of the leg retained some power, and it was by these that he accomplished the swinging of the legs. The lecture and dissection rooms are spacious and commodious, and the various cabinets are richly supplied. Anthony Bassler has been appointed processor of gastroenterology color at the Fordham University Medical School, New York. Gas, Pul'moitart, Gan of the lunge: metal.

It is, however, often sold in an amorphous condition, and In this impure condition its antiseptic qualities appear to be little, if at all inferior to those possessed by the purest specimens; but as it often causes considerable irritation, it is well to employ the llc agent in its resublimed state.

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