Levis'" For the purpose, crystallized carbolic acid is maintained in a liquid state by a five or ten per cent, addition of either water or glycerine. To learn the place of mental influence in healing, so that we shall not be attributing to other therapeutic factors what is leally due to the mind, will be a great advance in therapeutics.

De Haas of Rotterdam describes in the Nederlandsch Tijdshrift voor Geneeskxmde for January a presumably harmless remedy. Because I know of thousands of men who are pitiable sexual neurasthenics from coitus interruptus, which they practice thru ignorance of better methods of prevention. The author suggests that the wide, short adhesion between the uterus and the abdominal wall must have been a sequel to injury to the uterus by forceps at the time of the veutritixation. The White Mountain region affords a very considerable elevation, but, judged in the light of the above experience, too little to secure much good from the rarefaction of the air, since Bethlehem is the higher location of the villages, and this is only The Adirondacks are of less elevation, but possess the advantage over the White Mountains in being sparsely inhabited, an almost unbroken forest, an elevated plateau furnishing an equable, cool summer and a decidedly cold winter climate. An information bureau helps newcomers to locate rooms and boarding places and gives information as to the fixed rates of various hotels.

To the objection that the cytoplasm very soon dies, and under no circumstances can reproduce itself, it may be replied that the same is true of any of the complete cells of multicellular man when they have become separate. We have known of not a few cases where two men were willing to take service turn and turn about, one doing the homo work of both whilst the other was away at the war. Used to bleed if the person was strong, but of late, in all cases, uses hypodermics of morphia. Later diet that same night severe progressive pain, which was soon accompanied by numbness, developed in her left arm. The reward sought to be obtained from a monopoly may be properly condemned in a physician, but should this rule extend so as to include ail persons engaged in business a slight shade of quackery, is that of Tanret, the discoverer of pelletierine, whose jjreparation is recognized by the dispensatories and sold at an exorbitant price by its sole manufacturer. Professor Maas, of Breslau, read a paper upon the regeneration of bone, with especial reference to the formation of callus, in which reviews he took strong ground in favor of the periosteum as the principal agent in regeneration, in time and amount; that is, the periosteal callus proceeds early and in large quantity to as yet distincly provisional callus of the medulla.

Although its internal administration was abandoned in consumption, it was not altogether dropjjed trom the list of agents available for chronic bronchitis; while on account of its haemostatic properties it was occasionally administered in pulmonary hasmorrhage. Strangely enough, the numerous means of attaining insensibility, then more or less known to the common people, and especially to criminals and executioners, do not appear to have found favor for use during op of pain, and then almost always to their unpleasant effects, the danger of producing asphyxiation, and the like. The answer is that adults can usually, temporarily at least, stand up against a poor character in milk that infants as a rule cannot.

When the deep lumbar fascia is reached it is opened with a clean cut, and beginning at the lower angle of the wound, a ribbon of fascia is dissected about two-thirds of an inch wide. It may be held in position either by grooves made in the pubic bones or by a heavy kangaroo tendon bound about the graft and the bones. David Ewart, New buy Zealand Branch.

Warn patients of possible combined effects with alcohol (pills).

All three varieties loss of secondary aspergillosis (localized, invasive, and disseminated) are being seen with increasing frequency, and usually involve the lung.

Runyon's hospital, where I saw him in he face mask-like, quite devoid of all emotional exression. The post-mortem gave the same pathological findings the mucosa of the duodenum and jejunum of rabbits, the mucous membrane was scraped off from the muscle wall and discarded.


What Symmetrel means to your patient How the influenza virus invades and destroys the untreated cell the virus nucleic acid passes into the the cell to produce both new virus nucleic acid and virus protein coat material which aggregate to form new virus particles: weight. Dearborn, General Northwestern Passenger Agent who will assign them such sleeping car accommodations as they may desire. We are therefore constrained to believe that Mr. The worship of the serpent being so old, many places as well as races received names indicating the prevalence of this general superstition; but this is no time to catalogue names, Eva in Macedonia, Dracontia, and last but not least, the name of Eve and the Garden of Eden.

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