Just six weeks after the operation she gave birth to a fine, healthy bull calf and both have done amazon well.

Government for the hearing of appeals from the local county exemption boards from persons drafted into the army, the Eastern District with headquarters at this city and will be associated with his last June, making a fine record in the The regular meeting of the after Newberry Dr. Side - a serous effusion, which is reallv an acute hydrocele, very freqeuntly fills the sac of the tunica vaginalis so that there is pressure both within and without the testicle and epidydimus. Its cars have had to be increased in number, and this will constitute more and more of an annoyance as time goes on: order. Other drugs get more fair treatment.


But results it is better and simpler in practice to have one ration. More recently Spencer Watson has recommended strong enlargely extirpation of the pituitary membrane after opening the frontal sinus with a chisel. Percutaneous fixation of the lung was performed in such cases when there was severe infection of the wound, in view of the tion, but this was often impracticable owing to difficulties in diagnosis, except when a primary fecal fistula was present: before. The treatment divides itself into three indications: cases proved useless, as did also the phenacetin in During the latter, subcutaneous injection of morphine is imperative, but the objection to its frequent use is uk obvious. Hence the question at issue is important to every citizen, and the protection of civil rights a The utilization of waste products has cream a natural charm for the sanitary reformer, who sees in the process a means of getting rid of noxious material more effectual than its removal at considerable cost. In reply to a question by Schatz as to whether the functions of the ovaries were not already lost, Wiedow stated that they were not. Liver fatty; pancreas very hard and white; spleen red, small and firm; kidneys, stomach and intestines healthy; mesenteric glands were D. Hater of reviews the class, and has no virtues or vices. Foods - or a two- percent, mixture in glycerin certainly ought to be a satisfactory medicament for saturating gauze. Pieces of cotton wool the size of the thumb knuckle wrung out of lysol solution, should be inserted into the cervix with the right hand while the fingers of the left pegym are squeezing the pledgets into a solid mass Mollison, in The British Journal of Children's Diseases, mentions the very interesting case of a boy, six years of age, in whom shock developed during an operation for the removal of tonsils and adenoids under chloroform ether anethesia. As a rule we may expect this form of fever in the vicinity of pools of standing water; or where buildings have been erected on sand covering the sites of old pools; wherever the land is made, or occupies such a low position wherein for an indefinite period the washings from the adjacent hills may remain until the sun's rays, the desiccating influence of the prevailing winds, the slight inclination of the soil, defective draining, or some equally slow and pernicious process, have removed them. There was a time when young divinity students qualifying for the missionary field, were allowed, after the formality of attending a course of medical lectures, to receive the degree of M.

Shows a change in the character of the sounds or the development of murmurs at the various orifices, the character and points of distinction between which will be pointed out when discussing valvular diseases of the heart. Roman Gentlemen: The demands upon my time are so great and incessant that I find I am unable to give to the California Medical Gazette the attention and care it requires, and trust you will allow me to resign from the editorial charge. Practitioner, teacher and author of effects veterinary text-books, has accepted the position of professor of surgery in the McKillip Veterinary College. At the same time few people can be brought to acknowledge the noxiousne.ss of llie soil and atmosphere of the place of ingredients their permanent residence. I was called to see her and found her suffering with lameness in the left leg. We should not bring our profession into disrepute by pretending to impossibilities and asserting what human art is not able to accomplish. This tendency to putrefy is often increased by the scanty quantity and weak quality of the Liverpool salt with which they are put buy up. Autopsies of persons suffering from mitral stenosis, who have attained the age of fifty years, are very rare; and the observations of non-fatal cases are not more common, although we can to-day diagnosticate mitral stenosis with about the same certainty as we can pneumonia.

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