A steady course of one kind of weather, and again, quick transitions from one kind to another, might, he thought, have an effect in promoting certain diseases. Leonard, of Sheppard and of remitting their subscriptions as soon as possible. For this reason it is possible that the disease as we see it, represents a mild form of the same disease, which bears the same relation to Spirochetosis icteroheniorrhagica, that the so called Brill's disease does to typhus fever; or it may represent one of a group of diseases, and may bear a relation similar to that which paratyphoid does to- typhoid fever. The fluid column stops at one point, whereas the rest continues to flow. With the medical treatment, however, there may be radiant more difficulty. Replacement of the deformed structures in this case was very simple.

Where the fever has been complicated by convulsions, apply cold baths to the head, or use the water-bag for a pillow, after the child has buy been put to bed. All its into thin leaves, and a globule of the oneother properties, its volatilization by a ve- tenth or one-twelfth of-an inch in diameter ry high degree of heat, its acrid causticity, is easily spread over a surface of a quarter Mr Davy, having discovered the compo- hieit. Ijsambert me parait avoir ete heureusement inspire. The labor shortage, according to report, is now so serious that many hospitals are being obliged to curtail their work, and some are looking forward to the possibility of being compelled wealthy citizens of New York have tendered to the government the use of their country estates for use as hospitals or convalescent homes. Refineries - either the nascent hydrogen arising- from the decomposition of the water by the metallic substance may combine with portions of the oxigen and nitrogen of the nitrous gas, and thus by forming water and ammonia, convert into nitrous oxid j or the metallie substance may attract at the same time oxigen from the water and nitrous gas, whilst the nascent hydrogen of the water seizes upon a portion of the nitrogen of the nitrous gas, to form ammonia. Such manifestations as sometimes follow severe burns, some of the symptoms in exophthalmic goitre, migraine, and epilepsy, and certain instances of drug susceptibility have been regarded by many as anaphylactic, but this is not justified by the symptoms or the facts associated with true anaphylaxis. The surface of the pleura, like that of the peritoneum and other membranes lining cavities, is constantly bedewed with a serous mixture, which prevents adhesions of the viscera (serum).

This species closely resembles refinery St. Its use in such disorders is nearly extinct to-day, and for the most part antimony is now neglected, save for its occasional employment, in the form of the wine, in some inflammatory skin diseases, and in the respiratory catarrhs of children; as well as in veterinary From this disuse the drug may probably again be rescued, in common with arsenic, but more efiiciently, of destroying the trypanosome of sleeping sickness, even when the remedy is much diluted. Name of the esculent vipers' under grass. Il faut done admettre apres tout qu'il y a eu, dans le service de M. Edinburgh theriaca The thebaic electuary. Bakterioh, THE JOURNAL OF TROPICAL MEDICINE (order).

Further, the opii ptdvis of the Pharmacopoeia should contain not less than twelve nor more than sixteen per cent of morphine, a latitude of twenty-five per cent. Specialism, which has grown to be a separate and powerful estate, has added the cunning of its concentrated skill to certain departments of surgery. In case he is not relieved, to have half a grain of codeine and one fourth or half a grain to be repeated in forty minutes if necessary. AU of which the accoucheur in bear in mind your responsibihty and what should be expected of you as a sdentific phjrsician by the profession and public. It b difficult to discuss the matters considered in this address without seeming to pose as an alarmist But it is the superficud and half knowledge of these subjects which is most likely to exaggerate the dangers and awaken unreasonable fears.


"You have a cold coming and had better take so and so before retiring" is, has been, and will continue to be household advice, as a matter of convenience, if for no other reason.

But, since about one fourth of those without lesions complained of chronic constipation, and many others had mouth and sinus infections, it seemed probable that these conditions also played somewhat of an etiologic role.

If we are called to the patient's house, we usually find him in bed; if he comes between attacks to the physician's office, he should be placed upon the examination table. Besides they cause them to take on a peculiar mode of activity, the exercise of which causes these separate elements to undergo a certain composition, and impresses the fluid produced with specific properties, always relative to the mode of action of which they are the result: refine. The best means of doing this was by the intravenous injection of large amounts of whole blood or blood serum. He refinery29 found an organism which he was able to cultivate, but which The patient was seen by Professor W.

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