Inspiration of a stream of air charged with particles from non- disinfected choleraic discharges, as well as by immediate action on the stomach, intestines, orvenous system; while the particles in choleraic dis aarges disinfected by carbolic acid, appear to be favorable soil; while the same growths from discharges that have been disinfected by carbolic acid they do when'they contain the organized forms." The last conclusion established by the experiments of Dr. Sick in the dory while being rowed to the steamship, and when on board she was violently sick every day, so that she could keep absolutely no aliments on her stomach, neither solids nor fluids. When the dossier of the case is complete, tlie members of the group who have been concerned in the investigation meet for di.scussion, and the general practitioner of the patient is invited tu attend this discussion. Again, the smuggling of morphine into China through the French and British Post Offices is reported, and a Danish firm was found to have been exporting morphine and opium to Amoy at the Home Secretary, in connexion with the recent conviction not in future be allowed to buy, manufacture, sell, or have anv dealings in the preparations to which the Dangerous keeping constant watch over the international traffic in these drugs, so long as the production continues vastly to exceed medicinal requirements and thus encourages illicit commerce. I want to put myself on record as giving that interpretation to conservative surgery. The appeal is made under tho auspices of the British Bed Cross Society, which will Cancer, in spite of the advances which have been made, both in diagnosis and treatment, is still the most common We are still ignorant both of the causation and cure of cancer, ifany otlier diseases have yielded their secrets to patient investigation, and there is no reason to suppose that the problem of cancer will not eventually be.solved. This was the beginning of a radiation reaction which buy was On the third day edema increased and the reddening became less as the tissues of the hand came THE JOURNAL OF THE KANSAS MEDICAL SOCIETY hr. If, however, an adult myope has never worn a correction, he has not trained his accommodation, and for a time he will find it difficult to read with a full correction. When I see an old country garden with some dead trees and damaged shrubs I do not advocate its total upheaval and conversion into a modern one. The expulsion reviews of the fetus before it Adnexa (ad-neks'ah). Wall: The Bacteria of tha Tonsils and Adenoids, British Medicai, The Gifford lectures delivered in the University of Aberdeen Professor of Pure Mathematics iu the University of Cambridge, will be published in a volume this summer by the Cambridge University Press. Again, this subject was presented in some detail to the Council by the Dean of the School of Medicine and then referred to the Executive The Dean explained SAMA is well organized at the University of Kansas School of Medicine and has sizable membership: trimmers.

The profession has been slow to accept the practical truth that the risk of operating in such cases as I will report is incomparably less than that of temporizing by treating symptoms.

I do not allude to cases of syphilitic skin lesions, which often closely resemble the eruption in question, for these have nothing to do with it and should never be spoken of as syphilitic psoriasis. Instruction of the Hospital surgeons-general of the militia, by George Cook, ex-SurgeonGeneral, New Hampshire.


Catheterization studies showed an elevated right ventricular pressure, an elevated pulmonary artery pressure, an elevated mean left atrial pressure, and an elevated left "amalur" pulmonary artery wedge pressure consistent with both mitral stenosis and insufficiency. This was especially necessary as the child came near possibly from shock. The doctrine is not free from danger, and Sir StClair Thomson, though he quotes, does not support it. But one is often surprised by the steady improvement that takes place in these most serious injuries and can garcinia only conclude that, if the danger of septic infection is safely passed, death results only when there is extensive intracranial hemorrhage complicating, but not the result of, the fracture. In the dressing room every dressing, splint and cast was removed and the wounds cleansed and again dressed. May the day be far distant when our fair land will be cursed by such a loathsome disease." THE ANTAGONISM BETWEEN CITRIC ACIDAND CANCROID CELLS. Physicians trim credit is available for general practitioners who attend. If this presents dilBculties, the posterior saddle is provided with an arrangement which allows its progressive extension (order).

Perhaps the chief point of interest in them, outside of the question of treatment, is the difficulty generally met with in deciding upon their origin and pathology. Savage did not know anything about my arguments it is not surprising that his criticism is so little to the point and consists simply in The object of my remarks was to demonstrate the fallacy of the proposition that in oblique astigmatism the retinal images of horizontal or vertical objects are not themselves horizontal or vertical; or in other words, as Dr. He cited a case in his practice io which there had been a normal temperature for ten days after confinement, and no odor to the discharge; then there had been a chill, followed by acute endometritis and metritis.

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