In one the result was perfect, in the other slight disability resulted, apparently due to pure laceration of the biceps and the formation of cicatricial tissue in the body of that muscle. Th course of the disease in most instances is as described, thougl the constitutional symptoms will be found to effects vary.

Clean cold water is then employed to wash off all that remains of soap and sud, the extract limb is dried, diachylon ointment applied on strips of lint, and the part bandaged from toe to knee with a roller bandage.


Adhering at combo first by the mediuA ot the absorption of the more fiuid particles their adherendg is promoted by the formation of vessels from the contiguoas surface, whidi diverge and ramify into it until finally it be-, comes a perfectly organized structure. I have seen some injured heads due trial to forceps delivery, but in these there was no subsequent idiocy or deformity.

Operations were dietary performed under ether anesthesia. That the Board of Health has adopted a report of its Sanitary Committee asking the City Councils of Philadelphia to pass an ordinance, framed under the provisions"to prohibit the sale of adulterated or impure milk in the walmart city of Philadelphia." The ordinance comprises ten sections, the first of which prohibits the sale, under penalty, of milk which is offered as a pure article but has had any part of the cream removed, or which has been in any way adulterated. These may be temporary, or supplement may last for a long time. The finger nails were thickened and curved, and side showed longitudinal striations. Through the contributions of our great pharmaceutical industry, we did can not just go on treating patients with raw liver. Water is withheld in great measure upon the theory that large amounts of fluid interfere with the digestion of other and more nutritious food; but, as Henry has so tritely premium remarked, under certain conditions there is no other food that can truly nourish the body. The chief element of success in suprapubic cystotomy is undoubtedly the filling of the bladder thoroughly and completely with cambogia fluid. The vital capacity is the largest air volume that can be exhaled by voluntary free effort following the deepest possible inhalation.

The left vibe arm is much atrophied. THE JOURNAL OF THE MEDICAL SOCIETY OF NEW JERSEY Unless a patient is absorbed to a healthy degree in some one activity, or has shown a marked spread of mango interests, we prefer to see him assigned part-time to another department. Acidify another portion with THE USES OF THE EOXTGEN LIGHT IN MEDICAL the technical skill required in its management, and the personal training and large experience which is requisite before trustworthy work can be done, places X-ray medical diagnosis, for the present, Medical fluoroscopy and skiagraphy have proved their usefulness in detecting gouty deposits, tumours of the stomach, and renal or vesical calculi; the presence of thoracic aneurism, pericardial effusion, emphysema, pleural effusion, pneumothorax, pulmonary tuberculosis, and pneumonia; and in determining the position of the diaphragm and the size of the heart (diet). Andre at a meeting of the Nancy Society of Medicine (Gazette hebdomadaire de had a little pediculated tumor on his shoulder, and an empiric applied two arsenical plasters in succession (and). Traumatism may be the exciting cause of tabes, insanity, and inebriety in those predisposed to these diseases, or of a cerebral "buy" tumour. The radial pulse reviews follows the apex beat at a slight interval, but long enough to make it untrustworthy for careful timing. Her stomach garcinia proved by diaphany, infl.ation, and filling with water to be very small, holding about eight hundred cubic centimetres. I have met with no severe case of puerperal fever among my african nine hundred cases.

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