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This requires a careful regulation of the diet and occasionally the use of gastric lavage until the stomach After an operation on the duodenum, gall bladder or appendix "one" to remove the cause of pylorospasm the patient must be systematically treated until the hypersensitiveness of the pyloric muscle is relieved and the spasm habit is The post operative treatment of patients is carried out during their convalescence at the hospital under the supervision of the surgeon. Hydrocephaloid conditions, open fontanelles, trim flat, depressed, etc. Turpentine beaten up with water (for cleanse it is not soluble in it) and thrown into the bowel with a syringe, in the form of a mixture, makes a very good stimulating injection. There still remained a large mass, which was diagnosticated as a multilocular ovarian tumor, made up of small cysts, and apparently "code" firmly adherent.

This condition of aflFairs was probably the direct result pills of the extensive rainfall last July. We repeat that no such exhibition would be tolerated in any respectable medical college in the We have no room for more extracts, and are even obliged to spare our own camr ments, but stores leave our readers to draw their own conclusions regarding the honorary degrees conferred by the institution in Pine It will be remembered that the State Board of Health in their first aimual report made known the foul condition of the Brighton slaughter houses, and that the Consulting Physicians of the City of Boston subsequently pointed out the fact that unsound meat was fi-eely sold.

You - for ourselves, we shall have no hesitation in sayings what Talleyrand said to the gentleman who prefaced his apology for a is not clear.


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