SEE PACKAGE Three independent, case-controlled studies have reporled an increased risk ol endometrial cancer in posimenopausal women exposed to exogenous estrogens lor more than one year This risk was independent ot the other known risk lactors lor endometrial cancer These studies are lurther supported by the finding United States with population-based cancer reporting systems, an increase which may be related to the rapidly expanding use ol estrogens during the last decade The three case-controlled studies reported that risk appears to depend on both duration ol treatment and on estrogen dose In view ol these lindings, when estrogens are used lor the treatment of menopausal symptoms, the lowest dose that will control symptoms should be utilized and medication should be discontinued as soon as possible When prolonged treatment IS medically indicated, the patient should be reassessed on at least a semi-annual basis to determine the need tor continued therapy Although the evidence must be considered preliminary, one study suggests that cyclic administration ol low doses ol estrogen may carry less risk than continuous administration, it therefore appears prudent to utilize such a regimen Close clinical surveillance of all women taking estrogens is important In all cases ol undiagnosed persistent or recurring abnormal vaginal bleeding, adequate diagnostic measures should be undertaken to rule out malignancy There is no evidence at present that"natural' estrogens are more or less hazardous than' synthetic" estrogens at equi-estrogemc doses The use ol female sex hormones, both estrogens and progeslogens: cream.

The custom reviews of paying proper fees aries to lecturers and teachers ha- now hen adopted in had -o far appeared. Erb's Exce.s.sive fatigue, overexertion, exposure to cold and buy wet, and sexual excesses are all assigned as causes. This new tissue immediately begins to contract and to compress neighboring tissues, and to crowd and pinch them out of room.

The etiology remains obscure, and various noted round structures within occasional livercell nuclei similar to inclusion bodies. Under these circumstances, the images or parts of them are seen for a short time, but they soon become uncertain, or ill-defined, and then disappear. Perforating gastric ulcer, Gel.'ieminum sempervirens, galvanism an antidote in German naturalists and physicians, annual congress Hitchcock, Dr. THE HIGH INCISION IN CESAREAN SECTION, The high operation in Caesarean section' possesses so mainadvantages over the procedure commonly in use in this country that it deserves a more wide-spread publicity, and a more general adoption oz than it has hitherto received. The weakened and distorted joints must be strengthened and corrected, the action of the paralyzed muscles must be augmented, and the pull of the strong muscles restrained. He did well during the operation, but developed congestive heart failure on the first postoperative day which was successfully treated with digitalization, intermittent positive pressure breathing, and limitation of parenteral fluids. Another highly valuable work for reference is Dr. Disorders of the other orders (ounce). So it was not "replenish" any cocksureness on his part at all in forming his judgment, which was always sound. Start dosage at a low level and increase gradually, noting carefully the clinical response and any evidence of intolerance. In so 32 far as the blood picture is concerned we can only record the qualitative appearance and the effect upon tissues. Certain muscles escape in hemiplegia, particularly those associated in BViunietrical movements, as the thoracic and abdominal nuisclos, a fact whirh Broadbent explains by supposing that as the spinal nuclei controlling these movements on both sides constantly net together, they may, by means of this intimate connection, be stimulated by impulses coming from Crossed hemiplegia occurs when a lesion is in the lower section of the through the pons after it has left its nucleus; Avhereas, the motor fibres involved in the lesion are above the point of their decussation, f-o that facial paralysis occurs on the same side replacement as the lesion, and paralysis of the arm and leg on the opposite side. A medical opinion of this kind has been not only refuted by circumstances, but by the evidence of eyewitnesses.


After the dissertation has been stamped by the Dean in the name of the Faculty, the same must be printed, delivered to the Faculty.

Dosage and Administration: One or two Division of Hoffmann-La Roche Inc. Liberal discount to Physicians and Druggists. This prescription, I am persuaded, will relieve the most obstinate cases in a short time." haemorrhage, occurring after miscarriage. Hotchkiss, as announced earlier, addressing the opening session of the House vivite of Hotchkiss, a thoracic surgeon from Chesapeake, Virginia, will be installed as AMA President this month. This method is of the utmost value in rendering an anatomical diagnosis of the extent of a chronic suppurating sinus, and it shows the irrationality of probing or attempting to dissect a sinus.

Avoid application in or near eyes or open wounds. No bad symptom followed this about six inches long below the umbilicus, tapped the abdomen, and evacuated some quarts of ascitic fluid; a semisolid ovarian cyst then came into view, which was also tapped, and was then drawn out, and its peduncle secured in two portions with strong whipcord ligatures. The most common complications are, congestion or inflammation of the cervix, or of the entire uterus, and hypertrophy of the cervix. Saypol, M.D New York During the past year, your committee kept a watchful eye on bills pending in Congress, affecting tbe health of our people and the practice of medicine, particularly in the areas involving national health insurance and peer review.

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