Reviews - hence arifes the certainty of the mathematical faiences, as they explain thefe properties of bodies, which are exactly refembled by our ideas of them, whilft we are obliged to colleft almoft all our other knowledge from experiment; that is, by obferving theelFecls exerted Of the Penetrability of Matter. Autopsies demonstrated clear cases of tuberculosis. Thefe diredl fpedra are beft obferved in fuch circumftances that no light, but what comes from the objeft, can fall upon the eye; as in looking through a tube, of half a yard long, and an inch wide, at a yellow paper on the fide of a the eyelids, or by throwing the fpedlrum on white paper, it becomes The other fenfes alfo retain for a time the impreffions that have in tricks of legerdemain, it is not eafy to diftinguifh for a few fecoiids whether it remains or is removed j and taftes continue long to exift vividly in the mouth, as buy the fmoke of tobacco, or the tafte of gentian, after the fapid material is withdrawn. This surface of the kidney was carefully examined with finger and sharp probe, and then the anterior surface of the kidney was examined with the finger. The patient should rest, in bed, and customer no food should be allowed at first, but a little ice is to be used to relieve thirst.


I suspect, however, that this statement is inaccurate. Gouley amended by moving to put this matter in the hands of the Committee of Three on Common By-Laws. Thus, a Practitioner, relating the result of his experience in the treatment of small-pox by the saracenia public that, although it had failed to cure the patient (for the disease was rapidly fatal), it had caused an abortive eruption, or, in other words, had prevented the development of the cutaneous inflammation. All the Medical corporations complimented him, and the College of Doctors presented him with a new diploma, and represented to the Minister of State the desirableness of some recognition of his merits. At first this squint is only periodic, not appearing, except when the patient is looking intently at some object, so that on a casual examination we may fail to detect it; but as soon as the patient's attention is directed to some near object, as in reading, the one eye moves inwards, this squint, however, disappearing again when the object is removed, or, perhaps, also when suitable convex glasses are placed before the eyes. Large doses of phosphorus produce central myelitis and extravasations along the whole length of the spinal cord; whilst smaller doses produce diffused myelitis, involving both the white and grey matter. That deposit, whatever its precise age may be, belongs to the latest" post pliocene" deposit which has lately been so thoroughly and in which the oldest known remains of men have been found. The patient made a somewhat stormy convalescence from this long and difficult operation, but finally recovered entirely as to her intestinal functions, and there was complete disappearance of local pain, and constipation. For about half' an hour she remained unconscious, during which time similar convulsive attacks recurred at intervals; then there was a gradual return of consciousness.

Inhabitants of cities are beginning to appreciate the importance of being able to procure pure milk. A tear from his mother's eye was ever followed by another from Theodore's witli instantaneous sympathy; and, as he sealed his last kiss on her lips, the language of his heart was," Can I ever deceive or Theodore had not resided long in London, ere his father's grave was opened to receive his mother. The bones are those of an adult. He gives the size of the mouth-coccus as Talamon does, which, as I have already shown, is larger than that of the pneumococcus, unless, indeed, the variation in measurement is explained in the way I have mentioned.

The disadvantage is that the virus now used is diluted with glycerin, and therefore somewhat attenuated, so that a few simple punctures are Germany, and recommended by the Local Government Board of England. He expressed wonder that the preceding speaker,"a successful wholesale dealer in granite and marble," should have been selected to welcome the association to the State, and he was inclined to think that the only reason he himself had been selected to welcome the association to Saratoga was that he might be buncoed by the osteopathic bill. The viruli-ncy of the rt-sullinc the following are most important: (i) Much dctn-nds dejiosited in the vagina: (O The degree of uncleanlini-ss'f the woman Once elaborated and hetcroinoculated upon susceptible soil the results depend upon: (i) The amount luid ilegreo of virulence of the infectious genus prcdisfMTsition. D., of New York Countj, and In approaching the therapy of this disease, all expect to be beset by difficulties many and various. ABSTINENCE FROM PHYSICAL LOVE IN AND A TOO EARLY ASSUMPTION OF THE MARRIED STATE. The latter is done, free not upon the tumor itself, but upon the surrounding parts. Sample - this is deep, relaxing inhibitive work upon the tensed abdominal walls, over the epigastric and lower anterior thoracic regions, and over the course of the duct (IX, Chap. For three and a half days the patient had had complete intestinal obstruction, not yielding to usual cathartic measures. It is slow, inhibitive and relaxative, thus helping to quiet the pain, and relaxing the ureter for the passage of the stone.

I have found that there would be mucous passages from the bowels. If it be an organ essential to life, every other suffers with it, and the individual is incapacitated from his accustomed bodily or mental of debility.

The large cavities, and more especially that of the abdomen, were often burst, even in bodies not otherwise much injured, and the bowels protruded.

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