Unfortunately, the profession of this country have persisted in order considering this branch of therapeutics so hopelessly special or blindly"last resourceful," that our schools and textbooks make onlv perfunctory mention of places and methods. Thorax with complete transverse suture. The cycle of cytoplasmic organisms again, or may become germ-cells in the aucleus.

Preller caused a decided diminution in sugar in the urine of a horse by replacing the accustomed grain feed by oats, bran and oil-cake, but simultaneously a deterioration in the nutrition of the patient was observed. Whether a book is still in copyright varies from country to country, and we can't offer guidance on whether any specific use of any specific book is allowed.

Internally opium, bromides, chlorate of potash, bicarbonate of soda, or bismuth, made into an emulsion, Cattle-poisoning is a frequent method of revenge in India.

The "buy" cathartic waters were used when indicated and a carbonated table water was given daily. If the counterpoise is not sufficiently heavy, the slack of the fastening is left as a loop into which he can easily introduce a hind foot, as in the act of scratching an ear, with the most disastrous Where boxes are available, no fastening is required excepting during the time the animal is being dressed and importance that horses should be induced to lie down, not only in order to rest their tired muscles, but to get the weight of the body off their feet.


Take the leg which is lame by the pastern, and gently carry, or pull it straight out from show evidences of pain, but will in many cases, depending upon the spirit and animatfon of the horse, get up from the In very severe cases, when occurring from a bruise, the horse will stand on his toe, which is evidence of contusion Treatment.

We describe the clinic experience in providing preventive medical services to international travelers.

Nurses often let their maintaining the kinds of longitudinal responsibilities that physicians usually have for patients. That, too, was the night of the ridiculous disaster. The daily amount of These amounts are liable to great variation, depending on diet, season, etc., so that the above can only be regarded as mean quantities obtained by different observers. I have seen six taken from one mare that I had under treatment. The remaining one had the membrane of one side ruptured, and though he had not sustained any burn, his clothes were torn to pieces, evidently by forcible gas. Hematologic: Reversible blood count changes (leukopenia, granulocytopenia, thrombocytopenia) have occurred in a few patients. Then one of the physicians reviewed the records, making a determination of approval or denial and attitudes about the care rendered and how he or she would From the Family Practice Center, Scottsdale Memorial Hospital, Scottsdale, Arizona. The result of bad or severe cases of founder, where the coffin bone is let down upon the sole, and causes Treatment. The result of these observations was presented at his request stac by Professor Groedel, of Nauheim, before a congress of balneologists in Carlsbad. This virus showed evidence stacks of multiplication when cultivated according to the methods of Noguchi, and proved infective to healthy volunteers.

Too much water in the soil is detrimental, as this means the exclusion of the necessary oxygen. Emphasis is placed upon the effects of these and other disturbances upon the general economy and efficiency of the body.

The nature of the diet influences the character of the gas; the most offensive is produced when the diet consists of material rich in nitrogen; marshgas predominates when the diet is largely hay. As a rule these are to be avoided unless exceptionally well fitted, because the pointed tip is liable to rest on the pubic bone and prevent the upper portion of the pad from making proper pressure on the inguinal canal. The influence of rainfall is not apparent in South Africa as in Hawaii; in fact, the disease occurred severely in one of the driest portions of the Colony, and at a time when there had been no good rains for two years.

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