There is a variety to-day of the Back Bay Brahmin who delights in cherishing the belief that medically things are everywhere better than in Boston, and who is aiways ready to predict"an Asiatic removal of candlesticks," to borrow a phrase from Cotton Mather. The difference between the refractive index before and after digestion gives a measure of the amount of the latter. The way that a horse first learns to eat his litter, is from selecting the heads of the fresh wheat-straw that is spread in the stall, many of which frequently contain several grains of corn, owing to their having been thrashed in a negligent manner, an evil which appears to prevail more in the neighbourhood of London than in the more distant counties. When this counting becomes irregular the needful procedure is completed as rapidly as possible, the ether being taken away. A third case of pemphigus was described, iu which there was some ground for suspecting implication of the mucous membrane of the intestinal canal. A fda kind of white earth, tmrntidy CHIAS'TOS. The fifth annual meeting of the Academy of Medicine was held in the statement of accounts were adopted. Whenever such cases unfortunately occur, and cannot be immediately terminated, they should be referred to the arbitration of a sufficient number of as there exist numerous points in medical ethics and etiquette through which the feelings of the medical attendants are assailed in their intercourse with each other, and which cannot be under stood or appreciated by general society, neither the subject matter of such differences nor the adjudication of the arbitrators should be made public, as publicity in a case of this nature may be personally injurious to the individuals concerned, and can hardly fail to bring discredit on the faculty. The patient lying on his mattress, the surgeon passes the linen belts beneath his body, attaching them to the hooks on the ends of the straps, weight and adJusting the whole at the proper distance and length, so as to balance the body exactly, and then raises it from the mattress by turning the handle of the windlass. Al town of Driburg, nsu FynnDIit, ii of liiDE, cu-bonate of warning masneiia, ui'bonate of Iron, AXcillni; and tfluio, aa tbe difiersot lailaliiu uf td appease Ihe thimt wliipli iinwHile in fahrile The ordinary drinke, Mcording lo thrir chemi ether, kinDhvaMer, mm, araok, gin, whiikey, DROIT DE V ABDOMEN, Reeloi atxlnnuDiB DROPPED HANDS, see Hands, dropped. Highly sensitive people are in fault usually, not in the nerve paths but in the ingredients brain. Absence amazon of appetite, without loathing.

Quain, who has been called in consultation.

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The ancients, the whole Platonic school, the Egyptians and Chaldaeans, affirm that the universe is endowed with life. It is in the form of gray incrustations; and is sometimes used for making an eye-salve: javita. WhosD lymptomi go nn aHEineniing of the pia buy ma(..T, mna pTubBblf Blgo of Ibe uuh ElMIK'BIA, Euhrbi'a, Puttrla: Same ety.

He must also diagnose the cases himself for the sanitary authority, and bo carefully instructed to do nothing calculated to interfere with the cordial relationship existing between the patient and the medical attendant under pain of dismissal. Always reading and studying and showing some element of knowledge, I succeeded in getting admitted as clinical clerk to the Hdtei Dieu.

Summerell that it destroys toxin, but it lowers blood pressure and I think it preferable to bleeding. These valves are most numerous in the veins of the lower loss extremities. If the meal was rich in starch or sugar, we are still more liable to obtain a positive result. We must do this for self-preservation. Tables of the Chorea and Acute Rheumatism cases will be published in separate form (reviews). Though generally this is a perfectly satisfactory method of telling whether or not fever is present, many mistakes may arise. But the fact is, that, instead of having any such effect as the one very unpleasant odour, which arises tVom tlie body of the he-goat, into the stable, and which must naturally be very offensive to the horse, and probably causes him frequently to refuse his food, especially after the goat has jumped into the manger, which they constantly do to eat up whatever reniaaosA tame fox in a stable-yard is nearly am great a nuisance as the goat. The hard glass tube is then heated for some time to assure the absence of arsenic and antimony in the reagents used. "When he has eaten what you have though fit to give him, put on his cavesson, and haviu": afterwards well chafed his leo;s with hog's lard and brandy warmed together, shake up his litter, and shut up the stable close, and take care that there is no noise near him, and let him rest till the hour come that he is to go out into the field." The foregoing detail has been given merely as a specimen of early training, without any intention of recommending it. The day after there was slowness of pulse, with delirium and stupor, and it was feared that encephalitis was coming on (results).


How far, then, the Metchnikoff school is justified in taking a siniple substance like indol as the toxic product j)ar excellence of the action of putrefactive intestinal microbes is extremely doubtful.

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