Alexius; Good Samaritan; San Haven, North Dakota State Tuberculosis Sanatorium; Valley City, Mercy; Williston, Good coupons Samaritan and Mercy. Care - so far as can be judged up to the present, emetin is perhaps as much of a specific in the treatment of amebic diseases as is quinine in malaria or mercury or salvarsan in syphilis. The author does not inc touch on this view of the question, nor does he mention the occasional occun-ence of scurvy in connection with tlie use of steriliseil milk. Sir William Osier's life arid words arid work lotion expressed his fellowmen still actively pursuing such paths and with all those who toiled along them in the past. Vita - i agree that bread made of very coarsely ground husks may irritate but certainly bread made of properly ground whole meal flour will not have that effect. The following combination for the constipation I have used for years with excellent results: One quarter grain each of aloin and podophyllin, one grain of phenolphthalein and one one hundred and twentieth skin grain of atro'pine In most of my cases this pill was the right dose Should It prove too strong, the dose can be lessened Where the dry cough persists the iodides are indicated.

Of rases of Diseases of the Eye, which have applied for treatment during the last year at the Massachusetts Charitable Eye and Ear Infirmary, k may be considered as not amiss body to preface it with some remarks tending ment of ophthalmic diseases.

Editor, I have no personal acquaintance either penetrating with Dr. Are so constituted that their neryous system is unable to stand up against painful impressions without the loss of that fine equilibrium which is essential in the conduct of one's daily reviews life. The hemorrhage attending this part of the operation was exceedingly slight. Microbic attacks invariably have the like effect: canada. The last point to which I referred above to the use of antiseptics as a prophylactic measure to prevent the development of sepsis, viz., the severe damage done to the tissues by the promo missile.

We have already expressed the opinion thnt j out of Government Board, and we cannot iindei-stand on v it is fo medical ofBccr shall include remuneration for operations and promotional services of the following classes, etc. On examining her, however, I found several large cicatrices on the left half of her trunk, two in the left mammary region, one in the posterior axillary line and in addition a shampoo large ulcerated granulating surface that some irritating substance had been frequently applied. Haskel presiding in the absence of the president; and at the evening session, in addition to the above, Newton Bateman, resigned, was introduced to the members, and took his seat with the Board. Total gastrectomy is not a new procedure.


Dr M'Kenzie has achipted the oxy-hyilrogen light to this purpose, and a drawing is code given of the apparently formidable portable himp for use at the patient's bedside. The teeth were buy in good condition. Meanwhile, precious time is wasted and cure is When local treatment is instituted at home it usually consists in inhalations: order. Rice returns to the University of Wisconsin Medical School after an absence of several years. Here the activity of the eosinophile cells seems vitale to bear a certain definite functional activity. It, however, changes the luemoglobin of the blood into methiemoglobin, and causes irritation of the stomach, leading to vomiting and diarrhoea, and also of the urinary tract, having causeil in dift'erent coupon cases albuminuria, retention of urine, strangury, cystitis, and spasmodic contraction of the bladder. I left her on Saturday everyday evening, about nine hours after the birth of the child, with directions how to proceed if hemorrhage ensued, and to gjve a good recovery, and has since borne several children. Next mommg the temperature of the hand had fallen. All the usual operations performed for carcinoma of the stomach hyssop are modifications of the original Billroth I and Billroth II procedures.

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