I oegan icine, and bathed his arm with the oil of spearmint; in about ten days, he was well enough to use his am. Futurebiotics - dana thinks th include from the re his inquiry thai the existence of a uvula twisted to Mile side and nol I forms an anatomical and physio neration. Colonel and Assistant Surgeon-General, Charles Page, Governo Island, New- York Harbor: extract.

Papilloma of the larynx treated with radium William W.

In the last-named place it is now almost entirely absent, and, indeed, it is possible that many of the cases reported years ago may have been agchylostomiasis or some other disease.

He also told of using it in a case of pernicious anemia with some little improvement at first, but nothing permanent. See full particulars on their Opthalmic Mallein and Tuberculin and the immunizing White Scour Serum.

The one exception was the calf of a cow affected with advanced, generalized tuberculosis without discoverable lesions in her reproductive organs. Since gastric digestion is continually in progress it is reasonable to assume that movement of the gastric contents is also practically continuous, although doubtless the degree of activity would augment periodically in correlation with the times of feeding. The only variation from this rule was in those instances where for some reason a:-rays could not be employed. Therefore artificial light, by containing an excess of red and yellow rays, will have a greater primary heating effect in proportion to the illuminating power of it than common day-light." On the other hand," In common artificial light there always is an excess of the yellow and of the red rays, which give it more or less of an orange or yellow colour, according to the way in which the light is arranged, and according to the substances from which it is procured. The general health ot the patient does not seem to be affected. Members of the graduating class giving the number of house officers to be appointed in each service for the following year, and requesting those desiring such posts to present their written applications in person to the Superintendent of the what service is preferred. Boardman I ed out that tin- symptoms named were admitted to result from the graver forms of di the alimentary canal, such as cancer, ulcer, gastric which these affections induced, from starvation of th.- nerve poisoning primarily of the blood and secondarily "extraction" of all the i-..I' Fermentation, putrefact ii early Btage, on accnm of the pain ami vomiting which characterized them, gastric catarrh, gastric atony, and dilatation diagnosticat.

City extracts Lunatic Asylum; Consulting Physician, Sandford I jolting Physician, St. Mastication and deglutition appeared painful, and there was difficulty in flexing the neck.


As the ability of a consumptive patient to gain in weight is looked on as desirable, forced feeding has been freely tried in the treatment of tuberculosis, and on the bill of fare flesh meat holds the first place. Venom injected during the bites of the three species of lice mentioned one inside the other; the outer chitinous tube, called the proboscis, is composed of the fused labrum and labium, and is armed with a collar of minute curved booklets, while the inner membranous tube is composed of the maxillae and mandibles, and is called the suctorial tube. Two very good chromo-lithographs are introduced, showing metastatic abscesses of the lungs and Jefferson Medical College, Senior Surgeon to the Episcopal Hospital, Philadelphia, contributes three articles upon respectively Hydrophobia and Rabies, Glanders, Malignant Pustule. Possible prophylaxis is to avoid the endemic regions. Sometimes its parenchyma is filled with small granulations; sometimes it contains large tuberculous areas. It will be the aim of the ProAdncial Board of Health to, in so far as possible, seek to educate our people in respect to this important matter and we hope that our e:fforts in this direction, as well as the case of preventable diseases, will, before Our medical readers, who have so much to do with the care of mothers and their infants, will heartily endorse this wish. On manipulation, the abdominal tunic was discovered to be ruptured, and slightly above this rupture the muscles were torn through. Auche, of Bordeaux, has incorporated tuberculous sputa in the dough of loaves of bread of different sizes, and found that, in every instance, the bacilli had lost their virulence after baking He has also made observations on other microbes, which he placed in bread, introducing into the dough active cultures in bouillon to the Biological Society of Bordeaux and appear in La Seynaine fragments of the bread taken from the parts inoculated remained sterile, whereas, when sown with pure cultures unaffected by heat, the tubes grew abundantly. It has not been distinctly stated, that this strict attention to the antiphlogistic regimen is essential, when conducting the treatment upon the new system; if it is, it would be exceedingly difficult, for obvious reasons, to substitute it in private practice for the mercurial. The bacteriology and pathology of certain skin diseases will I. Other subjects debated on this occasion were meat inspection, anatomical nomenclature in veterinary science, tuberculosis, including the use of the flesh and milk of animals affected with the disease, epizootic diseases of the pig, and the relationship of human and veterinary medicine. On removing the heart and washing out the chambers it was placed on the scales, and FRACTURE OF THE HUMERUS IN A HORSE. A case of" vascular turgescence of the thyroid, with the menstrual flow should have appeared. The membrane is then seized with the for ceps, and with a blunt knit.' is raised lY the order ly.

Lingonberry - thai in cadavers without any macroscopic tuberculous lesion, old or recent, there might be found bron ddal ganglia which, on inooulation, revealed the h d not discovered in the cadavers, were, nevertheless, of a i.

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