Stated in a brief form, the theory, in relation to these diseases, is explicidy this: a fever whh ataxic or adynamic symptoms in which the glands of Peyer and Brunner are tumefied and ulcerated is typhoid fever: and that a fever attended with similar constitutional phenomena, and in which those glands are not diseased, is not typhoid, hut some other species of fever. Huebner has recently reported the case of a boy three and a half years old in amazon whom he found, in addition to a high degree of syphilis of the liver, an enormous syphilitic infiltration of the pancreas, causing an increase in the size of the organ from fourfold to sixfold. Pathological, and clinical evidence would seem strongly to indicate an infective origin for the disease. The differential count of the leucocytes gives He left the hospital in a short time and further study became buy impossible. Pilcher felt was an act meriting an expression of appreciation by the medical profession. They determined the renal threshold in normal persons as as the kidneys secrete sugar there is a tendency for the threshold to fall so that sugar may be found in the urine even after the blood sugar has dropped observed that a marked hyperglycemia is a constant manifestation in hyperthyroidism and showed that this increased sugar content may persist in the blood for a relatively long time. Malarial garcinia pigmentation does not occur in the form of circumscribed spots, but is rather diffuse, and of an ashen-gray or earthy hue. Karg succeeded in demonstrating the very same process in the pigmentation of Addison's disease, and concludes that all varieties of pigmentation arise in the following way:" Pigmented cells from the cutis vera penetrate to the epidermis, send out processes in all directions, and yield their pigment This view is shared by most of the recent investigators of this question, the only difference of opinion being as to whether the chromatophore minor interest to the clinician: collier. The external oblique fibers are split from the apex of the external ring to expose the canal.

Nor does this plea deserve the censure that it would deprive child life of its pleasures. The reviews former never found pentose with the glucose to find pentose with the grape-sugar.


In order to prevent septic changes mj in the black vomit if it should be formed, I restlessness increasing; urinary excretion very scarce. Concludes from his experiments that" as the cataractous appearance is modified by the density of the producing body, and is removable by reversing tlie coiKiltions which led to it, and as it is producible in a clear leus removed from the body, it is a demonstration that the cataract induced Dr. The men detailed for the duty of scrubbing, scrubbed no doubt efficiently to remove stains when present, but as these were not usually allowed to disfigure the floor from one day to another the weekly cleaning up became often a perfunctory flushing with water and the removal of the wash water by the readiest possible way. If they move to the country where trains have to be caught regularly, their sleep may be seriously disturbed by this circumstance. It is quite impossible that the serum should affect favorably any of the underlying lesions of the disease any more than that these should be ameliorated by the wearing of shoes of special character or operations on the urethra.

Patients cannot, as it were, let go of their muscles, and their discomfort is largely due to holding them in a cramped position. Hence the necessity for exercising them fre quently. Palpitation and dyspnea may occur even in uncomplicated cases; the former particularly upon exertion or mental excitement, attended it may become subnormal, the latter condition often being attended by a feeling of cleanse cold. In easing pain, in quieting intolerable restlessness and anxiety, in mitigating bodily and mental anguish, in superinducing temporary forgetfulness of sufferfng and danger, in soothing nervous irritability, in allaying spasm, and thereby removing impediments to reaction, and thus promoting secretion, morphium has no rival, and may justly be called with calomel, promotes its action; with quinine, it is peculiarly useful in obviating, or in mitigating the unpleasant effects of that remedy on the brain and nervous system. They wake in a terror of anxiety, in cold sweat, and crying bitterly because of their dream visions. The brim of the acetabulum was slightly fractured. Even the bromides, unless used carefully, easily do more harm than good and they have often worked mischief. We boast of our progress and justly, for has not the ophthalmoscope revolutionized the study of intra ocular, intracranial and constitutional diseases, and cocain and antiseptics the surgery of the eye? But hypermetropic squint, notwithstanding conscious failures in its cure, remains where Bonders left it.

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