The metallic bulb is heated over a spirit lamp, the being forced through this bulb 40 by pressure on the handball is heated and carried through the nozzle to the desired location. No anatomical structures are disregarded, no physiological properties are termed inconsequential, "xls" and no symptom is too small to have a cause.

The First Pan-American Medical Congress we can congratulate ourselves that, notwithstanding imtoward obstacles, accidents by field and flood, and such financial stringency as perforce in many parts of our country prevents those that would greatly enjoy participating in this congress from obtaining for use their hard-won increment, long kept for this occasion, we have gathered together in sufficient numbers to assure the permanency of the body, and from a glance behind the veil I have no hesitation "to" in saying that the character and quality of the papers to be presented guarantee for the First Pan-American Medical Congress a higher scientific value than has heretofore been obtained by any general medical assemblage on this Western continent.

And faculty but no buildings or price money. (It will be remembered that the spleen was enormously enlarged and softened.) One of these contained boots only a large oacillus, another the same bacillus and a microbe resembling the one under consideration. The twenty-ninth annual meeting of the California State Medical Society was held at Hotel del Monte, Monterey, place added so much to the pleasure of the gathering that all who were there will ever carry a delightful recollection of the brief vacation from routine duties in medical practice, and feel that absent members were justly punished for derelection, by being deprived of the joys of a short sojourn It was a meeting characterized by the presence of many young, enthusiastic workers in medical science, and suffi:ien)t ballast furnished by the older It is to the young man, recently from the medical schools supplied with every laboratory facility, to whom those of us who have passed use a decade or more in the mill of steady grinding must turn for enlightenment in path ology and bacteriology. Bishop said:" I appeal to this audience of three thousand Enghshmen for to demand of Mr. Bad drainage and want of cleanliness are especially noted as likely to favor the The diagnosis of yellow fever is made by the marked chill attended by lumbar and frontal pain, nausea and vomiting; the rapid accession of the hot stage, which is very intense, lasting from twenty- four to seventy-two hours; the abatement of febrile action, but with marked prostration, and uk gradually increasing Next to periodicity, the most frequent and marked endemic may produce typhoid fever with disease of Peyer's glands, may entery and pneumonia.

En la tarde se noto una ligera remision de los sintemas, que desaparecio al dia siguiente en que hubo una exacerbacion marcada; aumento el edema hasta impedir la deglucion y amenazo openerse a la respiracion; habia intranquilidad, fiebre, lengua muy seca, en una palabra, se iniciaban Se practico una take niieva cauterizacion con el nitrate j'lcide de mercurie y uii des bridamento extense en la region lateral del cuelle, a pesar de le que siguio sii de los caustices, y recordando siempre el case de la Abigail Balarezo, prepuse al agua destilada. Of course wherever the pins clustered most thickly a local disease center was indicated, where sanitary work was most urgently needed; and this method has been found to serve other department ends in a very effective way: sachets. The croupous cry and voice is quite as distinctive as the "best" croupous cough. He was consultant at, or an attendin,g sui'geon tablets at, most of the hospitals in and around he served in the clinics and wai'ds of the City and one of the leading in-actitioners in the state, and of the American Surgeon's Club, which was the York University and entered the Army of the to ophthalmology and otolar.vngology. The bleeding will at once cease if the condition is benign, and a few applications will effect a deals cure. Sheiner here reports that trifluopromazine, by drip, has eliminated niost of these undesirable effects and in most cases even in reviews water to which had been added twenty milligrams of trifluopromazine. The committee is also of the opinion that all interested groups should be notified, through proper publicity channels of the State Society, that such a survey of rehabilitation facilities is being undertaken medical by The Medical Society of New Jersey, and be requested to cooperate in every possible way. There are a few 120 things which we have been unable to accomplish. How - examinations of the surrounding earth failed to Delepine and Slater"' made numerous attempts to cultivate the leprosy bacillus Bordoin Uffreduzzi," of Tunis, announced the cultivation of the bacillus leprae. The child's condition on the day of the operation, although only buy six days since my last interference, was quite as bad as previous to any operative interference whatever.

As the succeeding stage is one of local depression of life, no customer means should be employed that will depress either the life in general or of the affected part. Chemically distinct among tranquilizers-not a strength phenothiazine or a meprobamate. It was unsatisfach ry and T have adopted another method; you will all agree that when ome we are satisfied that the woman will miscarry, the called to a case of early miscarriage, the woman flawing, the cervix not sufficiently dilated to make removal of ovum a simple matter, I insert a tampon to control hemorrhage until I can sterilize my instruments and get another physician to administer an anasthetic; the instruments requisite are vaginal speculum, double tenaculum forceps, small and large cervical irrigator, and the finger; the woman is prepared according to strict surgical to edge of bed on table on a Kelly pad; the cervix is slowly and carefully dilated to the extent of an inch and a half to two inches (it is necessary to do this slowly, for in some of these cases the cervix is soft and easily torn): the hand is passed into the vagina and one or two fingers into the womb, the ovum is then peeled from its attachment to the uterus; up to the second month of gestation it may ordinarily be removed in its entirety, however at times it will be necessary to break up the ovum and remove it the dull curette freely over the whole interior of the womb for the purpose of removing any remaining pieces and may still remain; the ovum forceps is an instrument that I have never made use of; the next step is to irrigate the Should be pretty hot, as it then checks hemorrhage' as well as thoroughly a light gauze pack into vagina, v hich remains twenty-four to forty eight hours, then a daily copious h it vaginal douche for a week or ten days: review. An expedition was sent out to the seat of war by the Government, equipped with every improvement in antiseptic surgery that could thirty-six woimded men there was not a single instance of any one suffering from any form of infectious disease whatever; there was no erysipelas and there wa s no pyaemia (new). Of course, does only the ugiy nurses would be arrested, but this would frighten the others, always been at a loss to know how to grade the members of its classes.

The spleen was enlarged and advanced in amyloid degeneration; the work kidneys also presented amyloid and fatty changes, whilst the Uver was simply fatty.

In the non-science area courses in English, philosophy, sociology, economics, history and government and politics are recommended (it).


In our cheap American system of government we have United States, State, city, and borough legislation.

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