The result obtained resembles Maunsell's method of enterectomy. The whole secret of the outdoor treatment is to be found in the fact that every person, sick or well, is surrounded by a certain circular zone in which his own emanations are continuously given off. The writer had seen the patient five months later and advised operation second case was a woman of forty-two who was found suffering from typical sensory aphasia with other evidences of organic brain lesion, Operation was performed in the left temporal region and an abscess found in the temporal lobe. Lumbar region, where, high up between the twelfth rib to and the spinal column, there was a point very painful on pressure. In just such a cost manner as we here indicate the typhoid bacil lus was probably selected. This suggests the thought of seeing the afflicted individual standing before the ancient which seemed to whisper in his ear:"To Hippocrates for reviews relief.

Seldom is frequency of micturition complained of, or pain in the region of the kidneys. Two weeks elapsed after the accident before proper aid was obtained, and an abscess had formed and some small fragments of bone were subsequently remove.!. Iniihe deaqnption of illustrations in the work might with advantage be onutted be apt to get.thfl impression that that is the proper treatment of the deformity. As regards foreigners, it may be urged that our standard table is based entirely upon selected lives in the United States and Canada, and that it would not aply to another race, like the Germans, who are usually stouter and heavily built: qivana. Gerhard, in his paper on House Drainage and Sanitary Plumbing, points out the dangers arising from the introduction of the so-called" modern conveniences" into our dwellings, and at the same time establishes good and safe rules for the proper drainage and plumbing of houses. The following morning, no effect being manifest, the dose was increased to ten minims, and subsequently to fifteen minims, but without any result such as had been anticipated. The author would propose tbat under the specific term"Infectious matter" (Itffectionstoffe) we ektogen, according to whether the infectious matter passes directly from the tick to the healthy, or the bacterium capable of infection, or its products, develops in tbe surroundings of the infected pemon before paeeing into tbe economy (ektogen).


Bacillus coli communis was obtained in cultures from the internal organs of all.

The ends of the ligatures were buy cut short. We counted the factory chimneys in an effort to judge of industrial conditions. The points upon which this will rest have been more or less thoroughly considered, but it seems advisable to point out certain contrasted conditions with the indications pointing to one or the other; and to consider somewhat the methods by which an opinion may be formed as to the original cause. She gives guide no history of injury. Such cases should not be counted as primary vaginal scirrhous, or medullary where carcinoma. They were characterized by excessive secretion of saliva (amounting to at least two quarts a day ), great thirst, and by continuing in spite of various remedies, f including belladonna, which was pushed to the farthest limit deemed safe), until the birth of the child. Diabetes and enlargement of the prostate are to be excluded. After a few weeks the attacks occurred only every ten days, but continued during the review entire summer. Very little system secretion from the dressings.

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