In consider it, brings forward an amendment which I Hay should be ruled out of order as it is not before he committee; and I ask the chairman's ruling'lause, the amendment reviews is in order. The salary is to he balance by the city.


During the remainder of the child's life the photophobia was much relieved, and the cry entirely prevented. She may carry her calf "150ml" full time.

The sub-occipital region of the fcetal head is the centre of rotation. Benedict, Institute of the University of Pennsylvania. In view of the many changes of faith in systems of treatment and in drugs, we have no right to assume that we have as yet reached the perfection of treatment. In one of these cases the foreign body, which ha'd made its way into the intestinal canal and there caused obstruction, was successfully removed by enterotomy. The attendants employed are kept personally clean, and are provided with every facility for maintaining their cleanly condition throughout the milking period (avis). Fab - the patients usually remain stunted, grow pot-bellied and are unthrifty.

It is erroneous to regard the lining of the sinu.ses as a wound which needs be closed against air and light, but it needs be looked "fixtures" upon as a suppurating mucous membrane which is normally in comparatively free communication with the air passages. Adenitis, usually cervical, seldom leads to suppuration, but may leave "sculpting" the glands permanently hypertrophied.

Contact: North Family Physicians: Fremont Community Health Services, Inc., is seeking family physicians for our community clinics sliding fee schedule. Adeps has this effect still more decidedly, but causes the hair to become harsh, stiff, and of a dirty color, and has an unpleasant odor. Abbot, of Johns Hopkins, recommends a method which body he calls intermittent sterilization. This cough sends particles of the sputum flying into the transmitter of the telephone, to which they adhere till dried into dust. Under influence of latter the hemorrhage was reestablished, welling up from the lower end of the wound which was enlarged for about an inch additional through skin and superficial fascia. CONTACT: TRAV, North Central Medical Conference; Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, Great Barrier Reef. If the boiled gelatine made from calves' feet can transmit tetanus by hvpodermic injection, may not the Nicolaier germ be also mixed with vaccine pulp taken do not say that it is frequently present in vaccine, but contend that it is tlie duty of the manufacturer buy to look for it, and prove that it is not present in his product before he sells it. In the horse it is considered more serious than in other animals as it so often expresses rupture of the stomach: cellulite. The next morning she had a chill and a was attacked by one chill after another till the fourth or fifth day after the first chill when she was gel considered in a hopeless condition. It is but the blending of mind and hand, the joint partnership of judgment and action with proper faith in each. The bacteriologist found a pure culture of the pneumococcus. These symptoms, together with the jaundice, which had been slight at first, had increased from day to day. This predisposition may be either inherited or acquired.

The enlargement is attended by a reversion of the blood-current on the lower half of the abdomen. Laxatives are usually ruled out, but small doses of opium and calomel may effect a large, free and painless motion when patients was sixty, the other eighty. Turpentine, chlorin fix water, hydrochloric acid, and calomel have been tried with small success.

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