The treatment of puerperal peritonitis is not allotted to me, and I am very reluctent to encroach in any degree on the province of the very competent and highly-esteemed gentleman to whom that disease was assigned: customer. The vitamin potencies of a number of foods, selected because of their relatively high ana potency and general availability The subject matter appears to have been carefully selected and conservatively presented, and it repeatedly reproduces the attitude of the Council on Pharmacy and Chemistry toward the clinical use of the vitamins in certain pathologic states. The following resolutions were adopted at a meeting held in San Resolved y That colleges, members of this association, shall require of all matriculates an examination as follows: of not more than two hundred words; said composition to include (The above resolution does not apply to students exempt from the Resolved f That the following classes of students be recognized as entitled to apply for advanced standing in colleges members of this a (face). At this time he was taking liberal quantities of liquids and semi-solids without discomfort (to).

It may be deemed advisable in many cases to use more active local measures. Vance was eminently qualified contact for a medical teacher. Center - the broad scientific background of Creamalin, based upon published articles, attests the therapeutic efficacy of this unique colloidal cream of aluminum hydroxide. This pathology will usually be found in how diseased appendix, gall-bladder, pancreas or duodenal ulcer. Does - also some of the committees, notably the Economic Committee of the Chicago Medical Society have given time and cuss this problem and try to have a definite recommendation for presentation at the annual meeting.

Sometimes cost lymphangitis or phlebitis may protract convalescence.


Experienced officers of approved ability, and unquestionably fit for promotion, were thus stranded; a large number retired in and abject disgust to swell the nonefl'ective list, others remained to be passed over by their juniors, who succeeded in passing under more favourable circumstances of time and place. That it does have this effect can hardly be disputed, but the daily quantity necessary is large, the taste skin very disagreeable, and the stomachal effect that of an irritant. Several openings may be number made, either in the same or adjacent ribs. The leucocyte count is commonly high although notable exceptions occur: much. That loss of social status has probably to some extent affected the demand ca for a better position, and con.'-equently for better pay. Sometimes diplo-bacillary conjunctivitis Now, in trying to diagnose any form of conjunctivitis solely by inspection and interrogation, one is likely to make a mistake in diagnosis, and buy the silver will not stop the purulent discharge and the simple eollyrinm will not stop the catarrhal condition.

Uk - puscles rendered plainly and distinctly visible, of substani.circular form, not distorted or crenate on the margin, whether be free or still imbedded in the fibrinous plasma of the clot or s By the term"favorable conditions" I mean where the blc in thin smears, the quantity ample for a considerable numb slides, the time for examination ample, the number of resi corpuscles that are measurable not less than fifty or one hundre better still, one thousand or more, and the work conducted care, by the use of suitable apparatus and at equable tempera Under such conditions I do not hesitate to express my pen conviction that the discrimination is possible within limits cons ably narrower than that which marks the difference between Under unfavorable conditions, such as a thick clot where p faction has commenced, or where the action of caustic alka acids had decomposed the blood, either of which conditions w be disclosed by the acti(m of the re-agents and by the appearand the corpuscles themselves, it is not likely that any definite coi On the whole, it appears to my mind far more sensible to i the conclusion as above and give the facts on which it is bs decided at a single glance and requires no comparison whate SOME OF THE PAINLESS REFLEXES. Where - no previous work on the ills of childhood has afforded the satisfaction which we have derived in the, perusal of the one before us. The local treatment is very important for phone the comfort of the patient. In a few instances a slow pulse, such as occurs in jaundice, has "service" been observed, but generally the number of cardiac contractions is in a direct ratio with the body temperature.

All members of the House have had an opportunity to know about what has been done the past year and what is being proposed for the coming santa year. This matter paper-makers wellness and r.ig merchants probably have in their own hands by refusing to buy filthy rags. We may, however, state that, largely due to the work of our own army medical staff, typhoid vaccine has been made much more efficient and freer from danger than during the Boer war; that it has been employed in about one hundred serum thousand Americans, under the direction of the immediate results; that immunization for about two and a half years is apparently produced by the use of three doses in about three weeks; that the incidence in vaccinated cases, apparently subjected to risk of infection, is much less than for the unprotected. The county societies firming are recognized as very important, but they are not the fundamental basis of the state organization. Some patients show none or but few of the signs, while others care run the gamut, so to sj)eak, in the semeiology of dyspepsia.

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