I therefore claim for myself the credit of being the first to record a case of extirpation of spina bifida with the knife in which the patient survived the immediate and remote effects order of the operation. If drinking troughs for sound animals have been used by buy the sick or suspected they should be emptied and ULCERATIVE (ERYSIPELATOID) INFECTION OF THE New York outbreaks. " All branches of medicine have advaaced in the present century farther than it was possible during several preceding centuries Only the Materia Mediea is still expecting the man to perfect it. There may be no wound in the skin, but the muscle underneath may be injured and torn, and the bowel may enter the part torn; or the stake may pierce theabdoemenand a portion of the bowel pad must be made and bandaged on; the bandages being kept wet with arnica lotion. I cannot say for certiun that the medicine was the cause of the disappearance of the piles, and yet it may be that it was, for the physiological effects point to a specific relation to the lower bowel, and particularly the rectum.

The intestinal walls, and especially the mucosa, have reviews points and patches of blood extravasation, extensive areas of congestion with ramified redness, exudation and thickening. The Committee would welcome the acquisition of the best man from any source, but it feels well within its rights to say that, if it is necessary to go outside the State for a capable and satisfactory man, you should present a nominee of most exceptional ability, one about whom no question can be raised as to his fitness in each and every As your charter and experience may testify, the Con uecticut Medical Society has always had a most friendly and commendable interest in the welfare of the Retreat. Science - he hoped that medical jurisprudence would become the subject of a special chair in all the medical colleges. Heretofore tlie members of this committee were named i)y THE LYIXa-IN HOSPITAL AT"WASHINGTOK AGAIN. To be thorough new ground must be secured on which no diseased turkeys have been, and through which no water from contaminated or suspected land can flow; if necessary this must be closely fenced to prevent all ingress or egress, and on this ground we can place, as soon as they leave the shell, young turkeys hatched from eggs obtained in noninfected localities, or the eggs carefully washed of the turkeys living on infected ground. Ice applied over the pubes and in the furians rectum, together with large doses of ergot and iron, had no effect on the bleeding. We know him only as the author of some good (as far as pathology is concerned) Lectttrea on Fever.

And BO the operation maj be continned nntil the whole snrfaoe of the cell has heen eiamined. I cannot understand how simply water or cocaine or eucaine can sufficiently anesthetize the anal sphincter, because the dilatation of the sphincter is as important as the removal of the hemorrhoids, and you cannot dilate a sphincter with As to drainage and as to washing pus cavities, for the past two years we have not been washing our abscess cavities, particularly in appendicitis work, but draining out naturally they generally, as Dr. Around the cii-cumference of the patch was a ring of ralnxite pustules. On gelatine, too, it gives a furian feeble growth (or none) unlike the brownish colonies of the bacillus of hog cholera. This Inay occur whether the hemorrhage be primary or secondary; in the former case it k so far the font et origo mali t in the latter case it aggravates the existing lesions. (c) The action of the heart sometimes causes rjionchal sounds. Are the thousand graduates all philosophers: So also with the title of Doctor.

Vibratory massage on the sacrum and over the ovaries is of great value in lessening neuralgic pains and aches in the pelvis. There is complete anorexia and great thirst; the tongue is dry and furred, and the lips cracked; vomiting is sometimes present; the bowels are usually confined, but diarrhoea is by no means rare.

When the nature of the outbreak has furiana been certified by the expert, the district should be scheduled, and the herd appraised, slaughtered and all products disposed of in such a way as to prevent any escape of infection. Of neuralgia, are quite as often present without setting up this affection with it.


The mucous membrane is in an exceedingly irritable state, and hence violent, prolonged, and very distressing fits of coughing come on, during which the face becomes turgid and red, and the veins swell out, the smaller vessels at last remaining permanently distended. The condition of excitation, erethism Erregungs-gesetz, n. County, and its influence shall be constantly exerted for bettering the scientific, moral and material condition of every physician in the county; and systematic efforts shall be made by each member, and by the Society as a whole, to increase the membership until it embraces every qualified physician in the county. Alexander Squire, the President of the University College Medical Society, for the purpose of taking into consideration the proposal to form a Junior Medical Society of London, by an amalgamation of the different Medical Societies attached to each Hospital.

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