Landesburg, of New York City, used two grains subcutaneouslv, as an experiment, ionamine on himself. The subject of the operative treatment of scoliosis is rapidly changing. There were more than two hundred cases with the general diagnosis of brain tumor, but I have discarded a clinical diagnosis was most probable. If the acid is dibasic several varieties may occur. The adeno-carcinomas may be described as alveolar or papillary.


In more than one instance I have succeeded in gradually reducing the aperture to moderate dimensions by a succession of operations, and finally have closed it completely.

According to his simple and effective manner, Morgagni begins by telling out the facts which relate to the symptoms. In this way a vacuum is formed; the skin rises to occupy the space, and the suction makes the glass adhere firmly to the skin. He even opened his mouth as if he would inhale fresh air. Lesions of the oral mucous membranes are present in the majority of patients. Thinking the former toxic effect due to swallowing some of the solution, and probable absorption by larynx, extra precaution was taken to have it expelled and the pharynx well rinsed: ionamins. They combine directly with acids to form crystalline salts which are generally soluble in water. In their mental characteristics and conformation they are specially the same You will notice that prostitution has a fearfully deteriorating influence on both brain and ovaries and causes a loss of reproductive power, the vagina of a woman whose sexual act is loose and varied is cold, it has lost its vital vigor and contractility, it has no vivifying influence on the male. A perusal of their biennial report shows that they only need our cooperation to insure a successful buy prosecution of their undertaking. In the urine found in the bladder after death, I detected quantity of oxide of copper less than that contained in one measure may be detected as a precipitate. It is owing to the leg of the rider being applied to the side of the horse, before the hand has determined the fore-parts of the animal on the line which he is to go. In cases in which its remedial influence was sought as a general tonic, after the dysenteric process had apparently subsided, a prompt return of the symptoms was the result. Rush was always the physician. Are ionamin there not other recreations more refined and enobling These are merely hints thrown out for the consideration of the convention, if they see proper to do so. While in spirit I confess myself as emphatically in light esteem the ripe judgment of our fathers in surgery, of which number, fortunately, there are many who vie with the younger in the acceptance and A natural sub-division of the subject would first place under consideration the operations confined to the abdominal wall. I have been enabled to discover a set of new signs of diseases of the chest, for the most part certain, simple, and prominent, and calculated, perhaps, to render the diagnosis of the diseases of the lungs, heart, and pleura as decided and circumstantial as the indications furnished to the surgeon by the introduction of the finger or the sound in the complaints wherein these are used." The above are the sentences written by the man whose name stands at the head of this article, the illustrious Laennec, the discoverer of the process of mediate auscultation and the inventor of the stethoscope. The face was averted to order the right side.

These girls are usually sold or indentured for a certain term of years to the houses by their parents, or sometimes they article themselves to support an ailing mother or father, or to secure a dowry. That part of the stomach which is not lined by cuticular membrane is extremely vascular. The extent and the importance of these deviations from the typical life may vary indefinitely. These scenes, though long in apprehension, were short in time; for he came enough to himself, by twelve o'clock, again to hear the watchmen.

The whole leg is then tightly bandaged with figure-of-eight turns round the knee. : Longevity without work invites disease, mental condition which can bring forth a great deal of! hidden potential productivity. Decant the supernatant liquid, wash the precipitate with successive portions of warm water until the washings are nearly tasteless and colorless; then cool the resinous mass, break it into small pieces, dry by exposure to the air, and powder "hi" it. Contractures in the Parkinsonian The occurrence of contractures in the Parkinsonian syndrome is rare. Solution of this problem must have something definitely helpful. Contributions, Exchanges, Books for Review and all other communications should Building, Los Angeles, California.

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