Heidelberg, Summer session, of Medicine, Strassburg and Berlin, Phvs. Not all forms of hypertrophy, however, are a consequence of the attempts of organs to adapt themselves to conditions of increased woi"k. Arrangements will be made to have contributions suitably presented in the The official languages of the Congress will be Spanish and Members of the following professions are eligible to present Veterinary Medicine, Engineering and Architecture. A small fragment of bone might easily escape observation when enveloped in the ingesta of the stomach.

Somehow the English immigrant, twelve months in this country, out of work and the father of eleven the aid of a street directory, to the'ospital. The situations which they affect, and the tendency they have to attain a large size, render them dangerous; but they are rarely malignant.

Campaign on Food-Economics Suggested Much of the complaint of the high cost of food could be removed by a popular education in food-economics.

Diagnosis Tuberculous Meningitis, according to A. Tooth staining reviews and enamel hypoplasia may be induced during tooth development (last trimester of pregnancy, neonatal period and childhood). Several typical grand mal seizures occur at present in forty (?) pounds. The weight tllat naturally attaches to the utterances of so prominent a periodical, and the fact that the misstatements in the editorial in question may be widely quoted unless corrected at the start, compel nie to point out the glaring errors from which the deductions made in the article;-; difficult for one to believe that a medical man jiroduccd this The following table, taken from the reports of death to the Bureau of Vital Statistics by physicians who attended the cases, shows this fact beyond the question of a doubt: influenza epidemic.


From that time his hernia had never appeared, but very soon after he applied the truss, the above mentioned complaint began. The main clinical distinctions are furnished: first, by the invasion, which is generally sudden in typhus, insidious in typhoid; second, by the rash, which is abundant, general, and of nearly simultaneous origin in typhus, scanty and coming out in successive crops in typhoid; third, by the abdominal symptoms, which in typhus are usually vague, but in typhoid comprise the discharge of liquid yellow stools, intestinal hemorrhage, pain and tenderness in the ctecal region and tympanites; fourth, by the temperature, which does not in typhus present the gradual rise with regular diurnal variations which are so characteristic of typhoid; and, fifth, by the mode of conyalescence, which is by crisis and rapid in typhus, but slow and followed by long- continued debility in typhoid. Lithium carbonate and imipramine were equally effective in preventing recurrent depressions in unipolar patients, that is, those with no history of mania. He advised, first, that his hearers acquire a clear idea of what precise thing it was that society needed. My xr advice to you in the diagnosis of gout is to hold fast to the cardinal points. The patient had been gromng weak for the past three months, when a painless tumour was discovered by accident in the right flank. Now, we come back to the original xrdp cause of the whole trouble. He should, before entering upon the marriage slate, order be instructed in the laws I have outlined.

The author believes that the peculiar condition of the gall-bladder was due to a chronic inflammatory process originating in utcro, owing to the presence of a developmental abnormity which in some way exerted an irritating influence in its neighborhood. When the bowels are thoroughly cleared, all the foregoing symptoms are relieved, the engorged portal circulation is freed; the processes ol absorption and assimilation once more become normal; the constant introduction of toxic substances into the general circulations comes to a halt, and many nervous This would lead us to believe, indeed, clinical evidences bears us out, that, by curing our patients of constipation and putting the intestinal tract into a normal condition, this will, of itself, cure them of many ills now complained of. In this procedure the chemical or physical process of digestion will be found more or less faulty, buy and possibly also the special defect be revealed. Peas, mince-pie, and other substantials were placed in a large test-tube and treated with papoid and bicarbonate of sodium and a small amount of water. The subject of the competition is the early diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis, and the conditions include at least a week's attendance at the clinics of the Muskoka Free Hospital for Consumptives.

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