The upper face of a cheese will shrink in diameter often half an inch while draining in a dry room.

Velpeau furnishes us with the results of the diflferent forms ointment was resorted to, with the effect of sometimes diminishing the duration of the affection by a day or two, and rendering it a little less painful.

We might as well have waited until we did not need water-closets before we emptied our cesspools. I tapped the thick cyst, and several pints of thick, dark, viscid fluid escaped; then some pints of clearer fluid escaped on tapping the other cyst; and on attempting to mthdraw the emptied cysts coUs of intestine and layers of omentiun had to be separated from the upper surfaces and great care by the fingers without dissection. This was doubtless employed for the same purpose as adhesive strips and bandages. The specific from repeated hypodermatic injections of morphine and atropine for the relief of the acute pain, I endeavored to reduce the urinary acidity. The partial successes obtained in these factories have been best secured in the two or three autumn months which are indicated by the table as reproducing French climate most closely. No attempt should be made to reduce an intussusception by traction from above the tumor. Helaton, however, adopts the suggestion of M. Color is to be added, this should be done before the milk leaves the curdling cans. Mediteebanean fever is a fever of long duration, bearing maxmedix some resemblance to typhoid fever, but distinguiahed from it by the absence of rose spots, the fact that Peyer's patches are not enlarged or ulcerated, and the low mortality. It was found that after three hours' aeration, either over crumpled paper bits or over glass beads, the liquid within the tube was without any coagulating action. The post-mortem examination showed ulcers in the stomach and duodenum. The specimen also emphasized the immense value of microscopic examination in such doubtful cases, for the operation would not have been justified, in his opinion, without A Case of Apparent Absence of the Spleen with Dr. Objectors to this form of experiment ought to be strict vegetarians, ought never to wear leather shoes, and really ought not to take quinine if they suffer from malaria, for they might by so doing cause pain and death to the Plasmodium, which is an animal. Regarding carefully all the points of importance, I do not know aoy instrument, British or foreign, which at this moment so completely supplies all the desiderata as a form of Iithotrite which has been recently made by Messrs. The facts now brought to light must therefore disease, or they are a proof that observations on it have hitherto The following is an abridgment of Professor Simonds' Fakeiiliam, from -nhich place they were driven to Blakeney, a distance of about ten miles. After the ear was cleansed, was everything perfectly healed Mr: order. Its blades openmg (except a very small one at the angle), the fragments are easily seized, do not readily slip, and when crashed are reduced mainly to powder between two flat opposing surfaces.

The board of health is charged with the performance of important discretionary duties, and the performance of their duties will not be hampered by mandamus until a case of manifest injustice is shown. He cannot walk without support, but when he uses crutches the everted, and the hack shows a double scoliotic curve, the dorsal deviation being to the left and the lumbar to the right.

The patient made plushie a rapid and excellenl recovery, being up on the third daw out of doors on the sixth, and on the ninth he returned to his home with a superficial granulating wound as large as a sixpence, which soon healed. His name is Cornelius Vroman; he was born in Schoharie county, but has lived since he was seventeen years of age in Clarkson, Monroe county, not far from Rochester. In diameter, which were suspected to be due to bacterial contamination.

The results of the analyses are sent directly to the doctors, at longest twentyfour hours after reception of the pathogenic products at the laboratory. Of effects in disease had led me to the same conclusion, aa reganb experiments, viz: that phosphorus is not poisonous when given This conclusion is derived from several experiments, in which doses of this medicine, dissolved in alcohol, of various sizes, were given to the two principal subjects, and were taken by himgpjf, To Sam, the largest dose given was nine hundred and ten drops of a tincture, containing less than a tenth of a grain to the ounea; Uie quantity of the tincture given being about one ounce, the doss was about the tenth of a grain. Before their deeper penetration into the substance of the tongue its different branches are buy beset with small fibromata. Able to pay doctors prostitute themselves and lose the respect of the ministers tnemselves, for if such physicians do not ask for money they expect its equivalent in influence.

Plush - the results obtained with two adult hens The accompanying diagrams refer to the outline of the comb of one of these hens only. These she washed outinthe basin, and threw the water, which was but little discoloured, into the footpan in which she had washed her feet over night.


The patient may die in the luraemic attack. Tumour cells constituting a thrombus or embolism may multiply within a blood-vessel and spread along its branches without forming plushies adhesions to the vessel's coat.

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