Catheters were inserted order in the ureters from above and the bladder was opened and the catheters withdrawn until the ends appeared just at the ureteral orifice in the bladder. These two cases give fair illustration of nearly all of the dc patients that I h'ave treated with creosote. This combination has become popular under the name of Bashaw's The dose of the tincture of iron has to be varied for different cases. Those, how-, ever, are his only advantages: siam. They were found in association with other bacteria very frequently in wounds which had been opened. A stricture, admitting the passage of a capillary bougie, was found at the seat of the urethral openiug of the iistuhi. In the four cases of this sequela of enteric fever, described by Dr. His services for improving the eflSciency of the Veterinary Corps (pre). I remarked that the lids of the injured eye were not much nearer to each other than those of the good eye, to which his wife replied," Oh! I didn't think anything of that, for I have always noticed that the lids of the right eye were a little contracted;" and the patient said," That is so, the lids of the wounded eye have been contracted almost as long as I can remember." According to these statements the result is better than I at first supposed. So much do the atmosphere, the surroundings, affect us, that we as men are largely made by our teachers.

I have noticed so often what I have already explained to you that I cannot have a doubt about it. Pressure upon the stomach "buy" was quite paiDful.

If the cervix is in the right side of the pelvis and fixed, and the rectum is situated to the left, one may see how easily the rectum could be involved by the extension of the growth either through the cervix to the left or through the left parametrium, which may have become involved by the growth (see Fig. At the end of aspiration the On percussion of the heart after the withdrawal of the trocar, the flatness to the right of the sternum was found to have completely disappeared, the lung having come back into place.


We have recommended it in cases of lowered vitality, anemia and fact, that the sequalae of this disease manifest themselves in the organ that is in a weak or an abnormal condition, be that organ the lungs, the heart, the kidneys or the liver (washington). It is important to remember that it is not safe to decide because the growth deiived from one bacillus is not virulent that all the bacilli from that throat are not virulent. Coarse unbolted rye meal exchange, is very much annoyed by an oid lady who is always sure to accost him in the street, for the purpose of telling over her ailment.

Jurist continued to see the case at intervals during her illness, and Dr. Pain is not caused by rough riding, jumping, etc. The in flammation went on to cheesy degeneration, infection of the system and the development of tubercles in both lungs and the intestinal mucous membrane, and lastly, secondary deposits in the peritoneum, and secondary involvement Here is a patient suffering from this same process of infective tuberculosis. The elevation of the right carpus became less; higher up, however, the leg was brought forward quite well and the shoulder was not held back. They claim that in this way the death sanitariums for consumptives, history of such epidemics as was experienced in Cleveland last year, and Fourth of July tetanus would be reviews good instruction for the public Above all things the State Board of Health or some board of health should supervise and manage the teaching of physiology and hygiene in the public schools and colleges of the Sta'te. President and Fellow Members: At a previous meeting of this Society I presented a paper on" Pulmonary Atelectasis as a cause of Anasmia" (" Transactions of The Medical Society of the State of California, There are present over the thorax of apparently normal individuals constant areas of diminished lung resonance, varying from dulness to flatness as obtained by percussion. Individual dry standings for every animal should be considered to botanicals be a minimum requirement. Of interest are the cases of Wertheim." He had five cases of post-operative ureteral fistula in his second series of thirty cases of hysterectomy for wash carcinoma cervicis uteri. The remaining personnel of the four divisional ambulance companies should be organized into a unit wliich might be called the"' litter bearer company," made up face of four sections. It is hoped that our State Legislature, during its present session, will perform a capital operation by amputating the aforesaid caudal appendage to the otherwise satisfactory law regu lating the practice of medicine in the State.

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