In the review final analysis a surgeon must rely upon the microscopic examination of a section of the tissue to answer the above question.

Tonner, John Alexis Yeakel, Isaac B.

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They put mooches patches on the face as in the days of the French regency, when the duchesses and demoiselles disguised en Pompadour. Eepeated attempts on the part of the husband deepen the shallow vestibular canal, converting it into a cnl-de-sac of some depth; in other cases dilatation of the urethra is Although it is impossible clinically to distinguish between absence and a rudimentary state of the uterus, it is always possible to ascertain the existence of one or other of these anomalies. Septic infection following abortion seldom gives rise to primary pelvic cellulitis, for the simple reason that the cervix uteri and vagina are not exposed to injury; the cervix is not unduly stretched during the passage of the ovum, and the vagina is not wounded by Inasmuch as lacerations of the cervix and upper part of the vagina (the parts around which the connective tissue is found in greatest abundance) are the injuries most likely to be followed by cellulitis, it follows that any surgical operation by which the integrity of these tissues is endangered, such as the removal of large uterine polypi, may, as in the process of parturition, open the way for cellulitic infection. Congenital, or subsequent arrests of development by bacillary inflammation or accident; and C.


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