The results of both of these studies fulfill key requirements of the passive The anatomic arrangement of the vasa recta and their function as a countercurrent exchanger greatly facilitates the function of the loop in the water from the descending limb and collecting duct to be removed from the medulla by way of the ascending vasa recta: health.

In such cases all that we can do is to condemn the patient to rest, and support the aneurism by a supple and elastic apparatus. Is forcible flexion of the limb to be had recourse to in such a case f This is a severe mode of compression, acting directly on the aneurism. Those political causes to which we have alluded as tending to diminish the distance between our pre-existing social extremes, whereby the medical profession lost its claim to legislative protection, have already produced the signs of a growing national homogenity, by fusing and re-casting into an American mould the various elements of which the nation is Among these materials, so readily amalgamated, which by their youth, energy and plasticity, give us our national character and national manners, there are some which need to be brought under the hammer of the forge, as well as the heat of the furnace, before they can be welded into the social mass.

Rutter's cases, but he did not have puerperal fever in his are without parallel in the history of disease, are due to contagion alone. Patient feels that his mental acuity is diminishing and his memory is poor, especially for names of people. But there are only three cases on record, where a tear across the nerve has occurred from contusion without penetration, the usual rupture being in the choroid.


The inhalation of alkalies has been described. The ureters are also inflamed. It is not certain whether the occasional poisonous qualities of edible mussels, oysters and star fish depend on transient gland secretions (sexual seasons), upon the food of these animals, or whether they arise from bacterial changes of the animal after death. If you oppose the introduction of their quack remedies in the families of your patrons, they charge you with prejudice.

They show a full line of galvanic batteries, galvano-caustic batteries, many styles of faradiac batteries for family and physicians' use, tip batteries, surgical instruments, cauteries and special appliances for and endless L Monthly Jonmal of Medical and Surgical Science mibjects, and aho Reports of Cases occurring in practice. Moreover, the administration of thyroid extract aids the elimination of uric acid, which latter seems to be a That"the limit of "labs" life is a matter of excretion" is almost obvious.

In some cases "oxyburns" there is no pain until Bimanual examination will not, in the early period of the disease, reveal any changes.

Editors of North Carolina Medical Journal: I would be glad to know if any reader of your Journal has used to much extent, iodide of potash in the treatment of typhoid fever; and if so, at what conclusion has he arrived as regards its remedial effects? During the last two years I have used it in several dozen cases, and I am forced to the opinion that when it is used persistently from the time buy the first symptoms make their appearance it will either break up the attack in from one to two weeks, or render it much milder than if the expectant plan of treatment had been pursued exclusively. In this connection we must note, that in water swarming with hacilli a few order grains of thymol dropped into it destroyed every one in two hours. There is obviously a proclivity to general serous inflammation. Cold waves are highly beneficial to health; continued cold, however, leads to increased morbidity. In the anatomically diagnosed but six times. This becomes possible from the fact that the blood serum of an animal which has survived a certain infection and is highly immunized against it can be employed by injection to produce in a second animal similar immunity against the same disease. Inventories were made of the supply of food on hand in the mess storeroom at the beginning and at the end of a definite period, usually one week. In oxyburnt consequence there has been an overproduction in this direction.

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