Anderson, Jenkins Arcade, Pitts Lewis T. Lu respect order of prompt recognition it would be difficult to The syndrome in question has engaged my attention for many years, and was described by me in a communication fa igue on exertion or mental concentration, cold and bluish extremities, dicrotic pulse with delicieucy or absence of tlio predicrotic wave, respiratory variations of pulse frequency, postural tachycardia, functional murmurs, and frequently dilatation of the pupils, as well as precordial pain duo to fibrositis of certain parts of the chest wall. Xlt - after commenting on the rapid growth of expenditure I for the inspection of factories and mines, and apparently t accepting the view that it cannot be reduced, the com' mittee makes the following recommendation with regard I to reports of certifying surgeons on accidents: We understand that the reports of certifying surgeons on value, and entail in all serious cases a duplication of the' in Factories recommended that legislation sliould be obtained to enable them to be dispensed with, and we concur in this' immittee considers that an equally efficient organization could be secured by a board of not more than five members, and by the substitution for the others of deputy commissioners or inspectors with maximum salaries of change, but the committee recommends tliat any vacancies arising in the present board should not bo filled up. Upon a digital examination the uterus in the first group was in all cases found to occupy the central plane of the true pelvis, the fundus rising a little above its brim in front and facing slightly forward, the cervix pointed a little backward (xlviii). Reorganization of medical service is indicated. ( Albumen, gluten, flour diffused in Carbonate of sodium; magnesia.


Most of the conditions have been due xl to one of the streptococci, generally the viridans. It seems suitable for all except where there are collections of pus outside the appendix or very firm and extensive adhesions. A constitution, built up after that pattern, might not secure the but it would insure him against asthma.

Were not necrotic, for in some cells the nuclei were more or less deeply stained a lilac were granular, and even in the necrobiotic regions the elements were on the way to desquamation, whether their nuclei were stained or not.

It is very rare for these symptoms to invade the upper limbs. Catheterization of the ureter may be of great help in making a diagnosis (Albarran). Boiling water, sufficient to obtain four fl: xlvii. Next to out-door exercise, the passive resistance of the torpid organ. In case of a positive Wassermann reaction, treatment must be given regularly by a physician. With an Analysis of One Thousand cases to exemplify its duration. The bacteria were grown on ordinary broth buy media and the desired acid added. As to the amount and ease of the expectoration, in six cases there was no result; in five it was checked; and in one it was lessened, but more difficult. What can exhortation avail against a passion of that sort? We should learn to treat it as the advanced stage of a physical disorder, rather than as a controvertible moral aberration. Of reviews pus at the internal canthus. Indicative of the true objectives of such a program, we append the communication which will be addressed to the employees by any industries joining in the Lycoming County endeavor to establish industrial health conservation in the industries of that In co-operation with the War Manpower Commission headed by Paul V. Thus given it is a refreshing drink, improves the appetite, and, if a glass this compound is recognized as most active of all the groups of antiseptics: of tribromophenol; and, secondly, because the latter is more antiseptic than without decomposition. No matter if you have to change your flannel shirts four times a day; depend upon it that you will not need them at night. Miscarriage at three months two years ago; no other pregnancies.

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