Serological tests, such as complement fixation, precipitin or agglutination tests for the diagnosis of malaria, essentially have been of no practical value (where).

There can be no doubt that during the twentieth century advances in Surgery have been more important and more numerous in the United States than in any We have seen the microbic view of the origin of stood above all men for the clearness and steadiness of his vision and for his persistence and resource in following what he had seen from afar, his German colleague had a genius for visualizing particulars and for adapting mechanical devices and scientific discoveries to particular ends. The tumor if present might be felt by deep pressure in the hypochondrium.

The transference probably depends on chemical action, the excitation in the terminal network setting up a chemical process in the intervening neuroglia, with the formation of some product which, in turn, acts on the interlaced fibrils of the corresponding cell network and renews the excitation wave. At the same time it is well to withhold all food for twelve or even twenty-four hours. Are not so good as when the taxis was more relied upon and Herniotomy less frequently resorted to.

This case had illustrated the inadequacy of diagnosticating abdominal disease by pain alone. I have used latterly Goodwillie's gag, which is easily retained in position; but, as an additional precaution, I usually use a broad steel INOALS: INTUBATION OF THE LARYNX. These spaces were lined with cells similar to those described in the xanthin rat in the previous experiment.

One more generally useful, and in order to the accomplishing of the very best, as well as most possible work, sections would be necessary. It passes through a stage in which it is so small as to be beyond the reach even of microscopic vision. Moist rales at the base of the lungs in a case under examination for heart failure always indicate the necessity for active treatment to improve the cardiac competence. His limbs effects were rigid; a chamber-pot was full of rice-coloured water, and some was found on the floor. The increased secretion acts directly on the centres of the bulb which preside over the production of Basedow's disease and in a secondary manner on those situated in the spinal cord. Some Americans have vigorously denounced it. The thickness of the walls and the small lumen made the latter part of the operation quite difficult, and the sutures had to be inserted deep in order to bring about enough tension to approximate the stiff walls. The man, Owen Williams, walked into Whitechapel Infirmary one afternoon, but became so ill that he was sent to London Hospital that same night at midnight, where he was found to have intestinal obstruction. Techniques to that have been developed to provide information include experimental situations, psychodrama, and questionnaires and interviews. Clinical studies of children subject to febrile seizures suggest that similar changes in "buy" the water and electrolyte balance may be present. The greatest danger is from exhaustion. In her right eye there was decided palor of the disc and she could thread only a coarse needle and read moderately fine print lady side who was an accomplished artist.

When sections of sarcoma tissue were exposed to the fluoresce in -labeled anti-Rous virus serums, fluorescence was observed in the majority of instances in the cytoplasm of sarcoma cells: paraslim.

Galvanic or faradic currents applied to the breast will stimulate its secretion, as I have had occasion to verify repeatedly; but the most convenient galactogogue we have, and among the most reliable, too, is pilocarpine, and latterly I have relied upon it in the main, and with good results.


Number clinics and a brief article on the Schick reaction by carcinoma of the liver and two interesting cases of meningitis are reported.

It infests the mucous membrane only, never invading the muscular structures of the uterus. It may be compared with the effect of'spaying' or the removal of the ovary. Indeed in given instances there seemed to be between the normal menopause and the psychosis merely a symptomatic difference in degree, but scarcely in kind.

; Hospital and Dispensary; Norfolk, Massachusetts, District Medical Society (Hyde Park); Northwestern Medical Society of Philadelphia; Practitioners' Club, Rich mond, Kentucky; Richmond, Virginia, Academy of Medicine and Surgery; Boston Medical Societv.

Brand, one of the most enthusiastic chain pious for the application of cool baths iu typhoid fever, found many followers in America, and Dr. It caused great destruction of life and'the French disease','the Spanish disorder'. SOLUBLE DERIVATIVES OF CHAULMOOGRA OIL IN TUBERCULOSIS. Ing Foods (To he continued), By Samuel Rideal. The French Army also is making increasing use of the aeroplane ambulance.

By increasing the the condition, a high degree of stimulation is obtained.

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